Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lizardmen ready to invade Gameforge, Penang

My lizardmen border patrol is all done!!!
Fuuuhhhhhhhhhh.......long sighhhhhhhhhhh.....

These 16 saurus will be the main force in this list accompanying the scar veteran. Not sure if i can place the hero and champion on the sides....they're there because the models wouldn't fit nicely in the middle.

Now all i have to do is take them for a few spin and re-learn the fantasy rules :)
Perhaps this hobby night. Anyone up for it??

 All boxed up and ready for the trip to Penang :)

Ohhh and i didn't just complete these saurues. Also managed to get one of these beauties done ;)
 More on them in the next post.


  1. Good luck in Penang bro. May your cicak men (and women ... I cannot tell) be victorius.

  2. Nice! Love the Puma model(and the Lizzies!). Looking forward to seeing paint on that Puma

  3. sll the touching up done already?..wow, that's fast and very nice looking too..
    perhaps we could have a game this friday..

    anyway, does anyone know why does my blog posts tend to have a lag of update in other site's blogroll?

  4. Thanks guys :)

    Iqbal, if we could do a 500 game this week that would be really good. I'm still gonna bring my paras in case anyone wants a game of fow. Am dying to try the other missions available ;)

  5. it's on then, Old Ones vs Asrai, this friday..I'll bring all variations of a 500pts list that I can make.