Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Airborne recon platoon completed

Yes, these guys are finally done!!! And with them done, i've completely painted all the american paratroopers models i have in my possession. Mission complete.

I now have a 1250 late war Parachute Rifle Company; 101st Airborne Division Screaming Eagles. Currahee!!!I purposely left one jeep without the forward engine armor plating to indicate the platoon commander. Looks sleeker and nicer i think.

These jeeps were a dream to paint. They're really nice models. I'll try them out this friday nite during our market garden campaign.C'mon...who wouldn't want to be firing a .50 cal machine gun mounted on a jeep!!

I would love to increase the force to a 1500 or 1750 strength but it'll have to wait. My mission of painting a 1k has been exceeded, i've painted all the models that i have so its time to move to a new project.

Thanks for following my progress everyone. My most sincere appreciation for all your comments and ideas.


  1. Nice addition dude- fantastic work!

  2. Jeeps are cute.
    I loved painting them also...but first things first, I gotta have my Punjabi's back and brush them up a bit. Looking at all the nice paint jobs you guys are doing, I feel that I have not done justice to my army.

  3. Thanks guys.

    Doc, this is my second go at FoW after many years of absence. I think i've picked up a few simple painting tips along the way. These paras are nothing to shout about.

    Basic neat painting plus a good amount of gw washes :)

    Although i must admit the patches were a nice touch hehe.