Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gameforge 500 points Border Patrol Tourney

Not content with terrorizing just the Klang valley area, the Wildhost will be rampaging and maiming and slaughtering their way to Penang next month to enter this tournament :)

Led by the legendary 7th spawn of the 7th spawn saurus scar-veteran Grim-locke the Grim, the lizardmen of the Wildhost will try their damnest not to be maimed and/or slaughtered hehe!!

It's been a while since i took part in a tournament or played fantasy....actually this will be my first fantasy tournament entered..ouch....

But it will be a good trip. Together with my partners in pillage, Jeff Deathkorps and Iqbal wood warden ( i wish both of them good luck getting their patrol painted...not :), Penang islanders will rue the day that Gameforge and Doc Selvam opened their peaceful and beautiful island to the savage Lizardmen, Beastmen ....and ahhh wood loving tree hugging elves.

Check this link if you're interested to join. 
Gameforge 500 points Border Patrol tournament


  1. Hey dude, no love for the tree huggers?

    The Asrai Kindred are already fully painted and prepared for war. However, if those certain 4 elves are painted, members of the Kindred who'll be going up north will change.

  2. Bro..u know i'm just teasing you guys :)

    This trip is gonna awesome! Hope we get to meet some of those cannibals and druids we saw last time ;)

    I get backseat!!! Need to do some deep meditation to tap into the earth energy in preparation for the battles. So i hope u have gps ;)