Saturday, August 20, 2011

Brother Brutus - Death Company dreadnought

This is my very first dreadnought build and i must say i love the model. I will definitely make room for more in my list. All the parts fitted very well. I can't remember any fittings issue that i ran into. I'll check again for 2nd dread.

This model isn't completed yet as i still have to weather it. Just felt tired and wanted to rest for a while and recover my hobby juices. Serves me right for trying to go up against that hobby maniac whose building that sweet kreig army...
In the meantime would like to share with you my progress.

Appreciate any comments as always :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sentikan - Chapter master of the Angels Sanguine completed

This is my rendition of Sentikan. Nothing to shout about I know. I'm not very good with conversions, actually everyone knows i'm a lazy basket and would much prefer to use readily available models.

I'll be using dante's stats for him. Am not much of a fluff guy either so I won't be inventing or giving special new stats and rules for him like Eternal warrior, There can be only one(if sentikan is killed; roll d6. On 2+ he comes back with 1 wound), Fleet, Counter attack,master-crafted digital-weapon,WS8, BS8, W8, A8 etc etc.

Dante stats but not the model. Used parts from sang guard kit (thanks to my eternal bro Ivan whose down under. When will u come back. We miss u lots) and death company kit.

Funny how the pose turned out similar to dante's. This was definitely not on purpose but does help when i inform friends that he plays as dante.

This was the pose i wanted to copy. Aaah well, all's good in the end.

The good news is that i now only have 12 more models to complete my 2K list for the ghemehaal list!! WooooHoooooo!!!!

Will definitely complete it before Oct 7th with time to spare to test the list :)

Next up : death company dreadnought.

Btw.....what do u guys think of creating new stats for a special character? Would u play against someone who brought one? And how do you ensure the stats aren't broken??

Food for thought huh.....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stormraven Invigilus WH01 completed

Finally completed my stormraven. I'll be honest, it wasn't smooth sailing. I ran into a gut-wrenching, hair-pulling, almost testing the aerodynamics of the bulky raven by throwing it out of my window trouble....

I've learned the hard way that even a thinned down citadel badab black wash will leave a white frosting effect when it dries. Crap!!! That's the last time i use that stuff as an overall wash again. Back to using normal inks for me in the future.

The main downside of the frosting is it didn't let the final airbrush of flat to cover the areas around the decals which i had brushed on future to let the decals adhere better. So if u look closely, you'll see a very evident color difference.

Luckily i was able to remain calm and knew for a fact that a turbo boosting plastic stormraven kit out the window would not have made my day better....

Close up of the multi-melta and sensor lights which i'm quite fond of. It did turn out nicely methinks :)

Close up of the front port lights. Am very happy that i've finally learned how to do this effect. Not perfect but it's a personal achievement for me :)
These are my special addition to my stormraven :)
AAABM Mars pattern MkIV missiles. Advanced Anti Anything Bloodstrike Missiles. When i first saw the kit i knew i had to use these babies and make the raven look more menacing. After looking through 6 big boxes of airplane kits i finally managed to find them. Would do u think?

My photo studio isn't big enough to get this view on full white background but nice silhouette i think. 4 badass AAABMs ready to wreck havoc on the enemies of mankind.

My humble photo studio/painting table/reading table/blog updating station.

Thanks everyone for following my progress. Good hobbying to all of you.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Storm update 2

The stormraven is almost done. Just need to apply some exhaust smoke weathering then a final coating of flat coat to seal it all in.

One heartbreaking lesson i discovered while washing the kit was that gw washes will leave a white crust effect even after thinning it down considerably. Have u guys experienced the same? The actual reason i had to stop working on the raven few days ago.
I'll go back to inks next time.

Am quite happy on how the lights turned out :) Didn't know i had it in me. That's the thing when u have an active community blogging. It inspires u to try new things. Unfortunately, my efforts to get a similar effect for the star and port navigation lights didn't do to well so just had them in plain colors.

Should get this done by tonite and will update u later.

Have a nice and productive weekend guys.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Angels sanguine chaplain

Had to take a break from working on my stormraven. One because i wanted all the parts i'd applied washes to fully dry and second i was getting a bit bored/tired painting it up.

So i decided to paint up my chaplain. Of course he had to have a jump pack being from the original all infantry descent of angels list. He will also be featuring in the upcoming ghemehaal campaign. Haven't named him yet....maybe i'll use him as lemartes seeing as how i'd already converted the new lemartes model as one of my librarian.

Yeah, i know i copped out from painting his huge scroll but i figured that he needed more red to give him an angels sanguine flavor. I'm ok with the outcome since my target really is tabletop standard :)

The Wildhost thanks the Lord Inquisitor Arzmi for bestowing this model foc. You will be rewarded with first pick during the opening hours of ghemehaal. You can have your choice of demon subhan, thousand azlan or your heretic ex-colleague inquisitor iqbal.

Cheers guys :) Keep on hobbying and get those forces ready y'all!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Stormraven update

Managed to get some good progress done over the weekend on the stormraven. It's been a long time since i painted up something this big. So masking the whole model actually took some time. The question now is whether to go for tabletop quality or really go crazy on details...

The angels sanguine color scheme looks quite nice on such a big model. Am quite happy with my airbrushing although there were minor over sprays which had to be painted over. Overall, i'm very happy with the scheme.

And i'm also happy i took Azlan's advise and made the glass canopies smaller. I like how it looks and does make the raven appear bigger in proportion. Time to get serius and get this baby all painted up :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Chapter master Sentikan & stormraven progress

Spent most of the week assembling the gunship and thinking of ideas for the chapter master.

Chapter master first. I finally decided to use the head with the laurel. Again i used vallejo paints and i love the hue and easiness with which to thin and airbrush with. Am thinking of painting the his helmet and jump pack in gold to make him stand out among my other sanguine jp models.

I'm happy with the pose and think that it'll make a fine chapter master model once done.

The gunship was straight forward assembly. But i made a little modification to the pilot and gunner canopy as suggested by fellow Legio Malaysia officer Azlan. Basically to cover some portion of the canopy and put rivets to make it look smaller hence giving it a more realistic size comparison.

For the love of me i couldn't find any leftover styrene sheets so i used some thick plastic book covers :P Too lazy to go out and get some...

I used superglue hence the forsting but that'll be hidden once primed.

Primed and sprayed red on one side.

Close up of the canopy modification. Let's hope it looks nice once the masking is taken off. Thanks Lan for the idea. I think you struck gold there. At least with me :)

Final coat of red tomorrow then mask and spray the black area. Target to complete....this sunday.

Unfortunately, i have such a truly awesome and wonderful distraction tomorrow nite.

Nite gents and have a good weekend. Thanks for visiting.