Monday, September 26, 2011

DIY chapter

Tried my hands at creating a DIY chapter over the weekend. Wanted to paint something but didn't know what to actually paint. That was until Jeff suggested making a DIY marines chapter. Cool idea. And this is what i came up with.

It wasn't until i completed the test model that i realised that my color scheme is similar to my saim-hann and angels sanguine....
That was definitely not intended. I was actually going for a red that had a bit of a blue hue..
Guess i should throw out black and red from my palette :)Not that i'm unhappy with the result, it does look quite nice imo but too similar in color scheme to my previous 40k armies.

Also, i've not decided on a chapter name. Red canaries....scarlet avenger, hunters eternal, eternal hunters, death lords, exemplars...

Back to the army painter...


  1. yes, please drift away from red and black combination on your future armies :p

  2. Agreed on trying a new palette, but the scheme still looks sweet :)

  3. Nice details on the purity seal. You have very steady hands. =) I would need to give up my coffee habit if I am to get my hands to not move so much. lol