Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ghemehaal : Annihilation week 1

Great start to the Ghemehaal campaign last night!!
Imperial forces:
Jeff - moderator/games master
Khairul - imperial comander

Chaos forces
Subhan - chaos comander
Redeye - cameo appearance :)

The night rightly started with campaign briefing by forgemaster Jeff who was also the campaign moderator seeing as the chaos were confident with just having Iqbal and Subhan defending the planet.
We used the flames of war Firestorm campaign setting which has been modified to 40k universe setting. Next campaign night, the official Gehemehaal map should be ready and i'll update on that.

Another thing i need to get for myself is a photo enhancing software so i can make some funny captions on the photos :) For example....

"Comanders...should you gain initiative, you can instruct your forces to attack any region on the map but DO NOT.. i strongly repeat under any circumstances DO NOT attack the Burger King outlet located here!!! I needs my super size whooper!!!

Jokes aside, it was nice going over the briefing process and placing all the assets available on the map. One thing evident from this was that chaos has significantly more assets available to them :(
Which suits the campaign narrative perfectly seeing as this will be the final push by the imperial on this chaos controlled planet.

After rolls were made, Week 1 action saw :

Subhan's demons vs Dann's golden angels
Iqbal's renegade inquisitor vs my glorious and honorable angels sanguine
Redeye's ...forces vs Arzmi's grey knights
(since we were short on chaos campaigners and Red came to hobby night, why not let everyone in on the fun times :)!!! good on you red ;)

Game 1: Subhan vs Dann ; Killpoint
I didn't actually manage to get the full details of their game ....bad on me :( .... but i heard (this has to be confirmed) that Subhan managed to almost totally wipe out Dann's angels. Almost or totally is the part that needs confirmation by them. Needless to say, first blood went to the chaos forces.

Game 2 : Iqbal vs me; capture and control

I was really lucky we rolled for this mission and managed to go second. Iqbal had 2 assets (a defiler and orbital strike) which put me at the back foot from the start.
Getting to go second was really vital. I made full use of it by putting all my forces in reserve which basically denied Iqbal 2 rounds of shooting. This is another topic i'd like to discuss sometime in the future. What do u guys think of playing against an opponent who chooses to go second and reserving all his units?
My raven came in bottom of two, moved in 12'...used 4 missiles to down one enemy raven and stunned the other.
The angels were truly insipred last nite when deepstriking with all units making perfect landings with not even one scatter outcome.
And so Lord Sentikan and honor guards landed and melted a salamander full of renegade inquisition henchmen and assassins and paladins and whatever else that could fit in.
The van vets then assaulted them when their vehicle blew up. Perfection in execution :)

In all fairness i must admit that my hit and penetration rolls were immaculately good last nite and my opponent a bit the reserve. So with even numerical advantage the honorable angels managed to pull a win by end of turn 5.
And true to storyline, the last squad made a millimeter perfect landing on our objective on end of 5, moved in and captured it. The honor guards didn't managed to kill the last servitor guarding theirs but still contested it.

Game 3 : Red vs Arzmi; killpoint
Unfortunately no pics were taken of this game...again my fault. In defense i was busy ensuring the angels were coordinated and in control of the bigger picture :)
Arzmi won this.

So recap of Week 1 Ghemehaal:Annihilation >>> Imperials 2 - Chaos 1.

It was a really fun nite which ended around 11.30.

The best part was that we played to a storyline. Seeing all those assets available to the chaos forces and being outnumbered from the get go really got the strategic part of the brain thinking in over-drive.
I'm sure as the weeks goes by and the campaigners/we get to learn the system we'll be able to make better calls but in the meantime.....


See you guys next week...

Dann...divert from that.................and sneak attack their........
Arzmi.....swing ......and secure that ..........
Jeff.....should Lord Azlan appear hehehe.....recon those ......and wipe him out till nothing is left standing.

Good hunting gentlemen. The emperor protects!!


  1.'ve purposely didn't include the detail where Lord Sentikan was swallowed whole by the Unclean's Defiler..nasty Imperium scum, covering up the truth with secrets and lies..

    by the way, the Grey Knights were fighting a Blood Angels detachment under the directives of Kravin's Inquisition..since they failed to return the investment, there's a huge possibility that they're going to redeem themselves next week..

  2. You are mistaken junior renegade inquisitor. The mighty Lord Sentikan, Chapter Master of the glorious Angels Sanguine used himself as a distraction to allow Squad Odysseus to melta the defiler into less than nothingness.

    Lord Sentikan is well and is aready planning next week's attack strategies.

    You must remember that history is written by the victors. In this case is was without any doubt the Imperial forces led heroically by the Angels Sanguine detachment!!!

    For the emperor and sanguinus!!!

  3. I finally loan a few stuff from my friend. So i can continue to make cameo appearance if you guys are cool with a prime only storm raven.

  4. If you're going to play on a regular basis Redeye, you need to get your stuff painted and based.

  5. getting stuff painted is no problem just buying a storm raven.

    That will need to wait until i can afford..

  6. Sorry Red..we had all agreed that for this campaign all models had to be fully painted. It wouldn't be fair on the others.

    Just play with what u have. This is a campaign...winning and losing doesn't really matter. Its the fun we get out of playing a storyline. In this one the imperial forces is heavily outnumbered.

    Yes, we tease each other afterwards but no one is really keeping scores. It's just there to keep develop the story :)

  7. Say whatever you want, you deluded lowly Astartes scumbag. Anyway, who gives a damn if their commander was utterly defeated in one-on-one combat or, the fact that their so-called honour guards couldn't even kill a servo-servitor or, their highly-rated Astartes veterans took three whole turns just to defeat eleven mere human beings, right?

    You are mistaken, boy. History is not written by victors, but survivors. Do you honestly think the Imperium won in the Heresy war? If we won, did the galaxy actually ended up better than it was? Are you actually fighting for the right cause? If you think you are, then what's the difference between your current faith to the Emperor as compared to Lorgar's honest reverance to him?

  8. nice writeup bro.. love the batrep.

  9. I could bring my Armor Convoy since its the only forces that fully painted.

  10. Haa haa haa....Jeff and his Burger King!