Monday, October 24, 2011

101st Airborne Division - Screaming Eagles

This post is dedicated to Hong Yip aka Cookie Yip.

Was in painting limbo until last Friday night. Started after I had completed painting my 2k points angels sanguine for the Ghemehaal campaign in September. Took a break for a while. Then had this over-whelming desire to paint but just didn't know what to paint. Worse was i couldn't find inspiration to paint anything.

Painted a test model emperor's children. Project for next year.

Painted the ancient stegadon. Lost interest.

Painted a DIY marine chapter. Lost interest.

Bought a dark eldar reaver and just completed one rider. Started on his bike but lost interest.

That was until Yip showed up at hobby night with his FOW US paratroopers company box set :)

Saturday morning, ransacked my hobby room to find these guys. In a forgotten box, in a very dark corner.

These are my US para models done in 2007. Wow...that's nearly 4 years ago....

They were my very first FOW infantry unit and i was new to the hobby :) Ugly bases huh...

Well, its Oct 2011 now. I've been in the hobby for some time now. A little bit wiser and learnt some skills along the way.

Had some spare models and ...

I give you Easy Company of the 101st Airborne Division, the Screaming Eagles. This is the test model for the command squad led by none other than the legendary Lt Spears.

Yip - check out those unit patches on the left shoulders hehe.

Had so much fun painting these models!! Now i need to do a major de-base and paint removal project and start getting the 1st platoon done. Thanks again Yip. Hope this encourages you to paint up your paras :)

Let's set the military exercise date for end December...let's make it 6th January Hobby night :)

Curahhee !!!


  1. Holy shit! Those shoulder patches are sick! Love em. Feel like quiting my job to paint my guys up. LOL

    'screaming eagles!

    Yip :)

  2. I'll second that! Unit patches... wow.

  3. Thanks guys esp u Yip :)

    Now i know what'll keep me up for the next few months :)
    Painting nirvana....

  4. I miss my Punjabis....

    Very nicely done. How about a pic of the entire Regiment?

  5. Wow indeed! Unit patches ... did you use a magnifying glass to paint that?

  6. Thanks guys :)

    Doc- that's actually the only base i've done for the new list. I'm planning on doing a 1500 for a campaign we plan on running next year...stay tuned!!!

    4eye- it's quite simple really. At this scale you just need to make the general shape and color. If you look close up its really horrible hahahaha.

  7. Did u paint it based on the recommended colour scheme from the book? I am like 40% done assembling. Who knew sticking 4 dudes on 1 base can be so time consuming. Need to base em after that as well... I will try to finish assembling all of it by tmw's hobby nite.


    P.s. What does the 2 dudes pulling along a wagon actually do in the game?

  8. I didn't paint it based on the painting guide. Went with my gut feeling/what i felt looks nicer.

    But made the mistake of not writing it down :(
    Now i can't repeat the scheme on the 1st command squad :(
    Big time mistake coz i actually like it the best.

    The wagon thingy has no affect on the game. I think...hehe.Let me check with Arzmi :)