Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My 3rd generation bases

After completing two 40k army, I'm ready to start a new one....actually am dying to start painting something. Since this will be my 3rd army, naturally I'll want it to be better painted than the pervious ones. I haven't decided on which army to start yet although i did buy a box of reavers...they're just too cool!! I'm waiting to see the necron codex and models line up before deciding.

But it will be between dark eldar and necrons....depending on which will be the cheesiest.

One thing I do want to improve on is my bases.

I present to you exhibit A circa 2009, Base Mk1

Being my very first army i went with the basics. Sand, small rocks and statci grass. Basic, simple but time consuming in my opinion. Looking back...not bad for a first try.

Exhibit B Circa 2010, Base Mk 2.

I wanted to create a forgeworld effect with the most minimal effort = lazy. Yes, i admit I was lazy and then and wanted something easy and quick. having little inspiration at that time i was satisfied with it. Should have done more.

Exhibit C circa now, Base Mk3.

I still want a simple to produce base but something nicer. So combining what i learnt from my previous attempts and using materials still available to me, this is what i came up with. Going for the ruined city look. What do you think?

Now i need to decide on which army to collect and start painting again :)

In the meantime, this is what i'm working on. Though i'm finding very hard to find inspiration to paint it. Painting without a purpose seems soulless.


  1. You definitely have the soul of an Eldar dude! Can't wait to see the progress on your Dark Eldar...

  2. I really liked the base with the bolt nuts. =) But it might not work for all models though as with the wrong one it would look like the miniature was balancing carefully on the bolt nuts and trying not to fall heh heh. That said, with the right model, it would look awesome.

  3. Look towards sportsbikes and sportsbikes leathers for inspiration. I'm painting mine like the 2010 Aprilia RSV. Someone has already been paid a lot of money to get the colours and lines right on the bike, and it's not too difficult to translate those patterns onto the Reavers. I don't collect DE, but like you, I bought them because they looked cool.