Saturday, September 10, 2011

Angels Sanguine army completed

I've finally completed my space marine army at long last :) Its been a very fulfilling experience i must say and its nice to know that i'm done way ahead of schedule of the campaign that we're playing on running next month.

Final tally of this army.

Chapter Master Sentikan
Epistolary Persues
Lexicanum Achilles
Honor guards - 5 man
Sanguinary priest brother Alexander
Sanguinary priest brother Heracles
Vanguard Veteran Squad Aquilon - 5 man
Squad Odysseus - 10 man assault marines
Squad Hector - 10 man assault marines
Death company dreadnought brother Brutus
Death company chaplain brother Lemartes
Death company squad Morten - 10 man
Storm raven Invigilus

48 models in total. Not bad me thinks. Thanks for following my progress and i truly appreciate all the comments made thus far.

Thanks so much guys!!!


  1. Looks great, good job on the Dreadnaught. But why no love for your tactical guys under the thunderhawk? lol

  2. Congrats bro!! The army looks great and ready to spill blood in the name of Sanquinius!

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Not much love for the assault guys coz they're kinda generic and i built them straight out of box. But i must say it was a hassle painting all those jump packs :P