Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The fickle mind

What do you do after finally completing a project and have nothing planned yet for the next?
I guess you look back at all the ideas you had or discussed with friends and try to decide which one excited you the most.

In my case, it was starting my skaven army. And so i started building queek headtaker. I didn't like the huge trophy rack on his back so i cut it off. He looks slicker this me at least :)

But my weakness is having a very short span of attention. My brother Arzmi(when will he finally start posting) got me all riled up about trying the new fantasy magic expansion book so queek went back into the cabinet and the ancient stegadon got a priming and some colors drybrushed.

Now did i mention i had a short span of attention...aah yes i did. And so the stegadon got pushed to the corner for a while to let this guy get painted up :)

I present to you my test model of the emperor's children. This is in preparation for a 30K build that we're planning on doing early next year.
I wanted to try and get the purple/pink color right for the build so please tell me how it looks.

I plan on doing a dark grey rubble base. That will be done over the weekend. Then back to the stegadon, queek..then the i forgot again.


  1. Great looking stuff dude! For the Emperor's Children test model, what colors are you using for the purple base and highlight?

  2. warlock & liche purple, isn't it?
    good luck on your Emperor's Children project..I've a big surprise prepared for next year's Golden Kris ;)

    you're starting to be like me dude, having all sorts of project on the table at the same time..hahaha..such is the life of a miniature wargaming hobbyist..

  3. Thanks guys.

    What do u think of the purple color?

    Its equal part hexed lichen and warlord purple, vj game color. Gotta love those bottles when it comes to mixing paints and being able to reproduce the same later on :)

    Iqbal- those are the equivalent of the colors u mentioned ;)

  4. Jeff- that was the base color. I highlighted using straight warlord purple.

  5. nice take on the EC ... 2012 looking like one interesting pre-heresy year ... someone should paint up more orks!

  6. That's cool. I've added a small amount of Bonewhite into the purple in the past with good results. Yours looks good dude!