Saturday, September 17, 2011

Emperor's children test model completed

I must admit that i truly enjoyed getting this test model all painted up :)
I was never a fan of brightly colored marines but the purple/pink scheme really looks nice when you factor in the legion's background.
Many thanks to Aaron Dembski for writting The First Heretic, THE book that got me hooked to the pre-heresy storyline. Thus starting this project. It wasn't about the EC but it did fuel my hunger to know about pre-heresy lore.

Company number on the left leg. I also decked him with the standard tools of trade. Is it too much? Does it look crowded?

I decided to go with grey rubble scheme for the basing. Added a spent clip to give it some feature and a meltabomb for good measure. That is a meltabomb rite??

Appreciate all comments :) Have a good weekend all.


  1. Looks good enough dude. Just hope you have the will to paint all those extra details that you've added..

  2. Good enough? It looks fantastic! :) Crisp paint job, and the extra details really help. Pouches, grenades, etc. all nicely painted. Yes, that is indeed a melta bomb dude!

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Can't wait to get this project started!!!

  4. And so it begins. Nice paint job dude! I second everything deathkorp said.