Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secret Armies

Cue James Bond tune. The name's Bond.....
I think i may have started a trend here when i built my Saim-Hann list in secrecy. Even my brother didn't see the army until it was all completed. Well, i did leak out the fact that i was starting a new eldar army but not the actual craftworld. Now why did i do that? I'm not really sure but perhaps i just wanted to surprise everyone with my new paint scheme. And surprise them i did!!! The red and black striped Saim-Hann colors came out quite nice.

Unfortunately, the grand unveiling worked so well that there's now a couple of armies being developed in total secrecy. I know of at least 3 which i've been sworn not to tell on pain of being doomed. Good luck to you guys. I hope you experience the same level of personal satisfaction as when i first laid out my fully completed 1750 Saim-Hann at hobby night.

The bad thing about building in secrecy is that you have practically robbed yourself of materials to write about. Which leaves you having to think of unrelated things to rant about. This post is prime example. So expect to read about things besides the my 2nd 40K army in the coming months.

So who among you has a secret project on your tables???

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Legio League 3 Results

The official results are out.

League 3 Champion : Warboss Iskazri

Best Sportsman : Lord Azlan of the Ravenwing

League Fanatic : Lord Alvin of the Alpha Legion

Marksman Award : The Wild Host!!!

Best Appearance : The Wild Host!!!

We managed to get 2 awards. How awesome is that!!!

At the begining of the League we were trying to go for the League Fanatic but just couldn't keep up with the Alpha Legion. You just never knew whether you were playing against Alvin or Iqbal, the whole we are the alpha and the omega thingy.

Anyways, a big congratulations to Warboss Is. We tried our best to stop the green tide but was found wanting. At least it didn' t went as bad as during our first encounter. Perhaps if there's a 3rd time we could get lucky. Perhaps it'll snow in Shah Alam.

Congrats to Lord Azlan aka Sammeal on the Best Sportsman. We had a super fun time dicing words with him during the league and Arenxis campaign. It was a blast. Now that's it over, can you please return the jetbike to us. We do not like to ask twice......

Congrats also to Alvin. First time joining a League ( i think) and already a fanatic. Well done bro. I hope to see your eldar in the next league. Then you can doom me all you want. LOL

My sincerest appreciation to all whom I played against during the League for the painting scoring. I make no qualms that it is nice to be appreciated over something that you worked so hard to produce. This Saim-Hann list is my 2nd after the Altansar that i fielded during League 2. And i must say the only reason i was motivated to get it done was seeing all the other nicely painted army that i went against during League 2. Who can ever forget Jeff's and Azlan's army?? There were many others too that put my Altansar to shame.

So this Best Appearance in essence should go to all you who have participated in Legio's League events. Make no mistake, we have set a new standard in the Malaysian gaming scene.

Well done to all.

Thank you.

Ave Legio !!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Games Circle supports Kindred

A very big thank and sincere appreciation to Mr. Richard, the owner of Games Circle for also supporting Kindred.

In case you're wondering, that's Richard in the mask. So now the secret is out. When he's not busy conquering the known universe and hunting down jedi knights and rebel scums in a galaxy far, far away, Lord Vader is the proud owner of a gaming shop located in Section 22 Damansara Jaya, near the Atria shopping complex. Bet you didn't know that!!!

Games Circle has been around for quite some time and there's always a good crowd on Saturdays and Sundays. Whether you want to paint or play games, there are many friendly faces to assist you.

Games Circles also has an extensive stock of GW stuffs you might need in your preparation for Kindred. I'm always able to find whatever citadel colors i need at Richards. Besides miniatures, they also carry various boardgames. A copy of the Kindred Rulespack is now available there for your perusal.

A super friendly guy, Richard can assist you in your gaming requirements. His shop address is ;

Games Circle
8B, SS 22/25
Damansara Jaya, Selangor.

Or you can reach him at 016 - 451 0940

Thank you again so much Lord Vader for your support. I really appreciate it :)

Wolf Game Shop supports Kindred

A super duper thank you to Mr. Wolf, the proud and multi-talented owner of Wolf Game Shop for supporting Kindred.

Wolf's place is where i started playing miniature wargames. That was when they were located at Amcorp Mall and i was introduced to Warmachine. A super guy all-round and someone whom i consider to be a good friend.

His shop is currently located at Sec 14 Petaling Jaya and he carries all sorts of games from miniatures, boardgames and some card games. He is currently having a Christmas sale and is expecting some new shipments to come in next Monday so hurry on down before there's nothing left. If its not on the shelf, Wolf would be more than happy to assist you in ordering the things that you require. And those things that you require for Kindred....get in touch with Wolf.

Please be sure to tell him i sent you his way ;) ......will it get you further discounts??? I don't know. Maybe. No harm in asking rite.

A copy of Kindred Rulespack is also now available at Wolf Game Shop for your browsing pleasure.

Please visit his site for further info at http://wolfgameshop.com/

Thanks a million Wolf!!!

Comics Mart supports Kindred

A very big shout out and heartiest appreciation to Comics Mart Midvalley and their wonderful manager Mr. William Phang for allowing me to have Legio's Kindred poster up at their fine establishment.

This is the first time Arzmi and me will be organising an event for Legio and Mr. William's kindness really strikes the heart. I didn't even have to pitch the idea to him when we met yesterday morning. Just a few basic details on the event and Mr. William was already holding our poster and finding a suitable place to put it up. What can i say?? Awesome guy!!! I really appreciate his support.

So if you're ever at Midvalley please do drop by at Comics Mart. They're on the top floor near the Food Court. You can't miss it. Our poster is up and we've also given them a copy of the Kindred Rulespack for you to browse.

They're currently having a big Christmas sale with discounts all around!!! Drop by and their friendly staff will be more than happy to help you. Bring lots of cash. Their current stock is very good. Need some new stuffs for Iron Painter or Kindred, or just to add some new spice to your existing army...Comics Mart Midvalley is where you want to go :)

Thank you again Mr. William and all the staff of Comics Mart Midvalley for your support. You guys are great!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Caption this!!!

Alright gang, contest time. Best caption wins a secret prize courtesy of The Wild Host!

I'll start things going. All in good fun guys :).

"VROOM!! VRROOOMMM!!!! Move over old man!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Marksman belongs to The Saim-Hann

Legio's Marksman Tournament to pick the last player for League 3 Finals was held last Saturday, 5th Dec. I am proud to announce that The Wild Host of the Saim-Hann came out victorious!

Wow! This is my first ever win for in 40k!! Not bad for an army which was actually built for Inquisition Wars. Those late nites of rushed painting did at least amount to something in the end.

A brief run down on the Marksman event. I really have to buy a digital camera and get a habit of taking pictures of the games i played. So apologies but just words this time.

1st game : Shazli Ultramaries. Seize ground-Dawn of war.
I won this game by controlling 1 objective and contesting the other 2. Managed to kill his most expensive HQ and unit. 17 - 5 to the Saim-Hann.

2nd game : Alvin Alpha Legion CSM. Annihilation-Pitched battle.
THE most awesome game of 40k i've played so far. One because Alvin is such a nice guy to play against and two because the game was truly brutal. From turn 1 units and vehicles were exploding and being destroyed everywhere.

The highlight is my dire avengers unit saving 9 power weapon wounds from his 2 chaos champion. 1st invul save was for my count as Eldrad on a 3+ which i made. Balance 8 wounds on the avengers on a 5+ invul from the exarch shimmershield. 1st roll saw me getting seven 5's or 6's and only 1 unsaved. Coz the unit was fortuned i get to re-roll. I rolled a 5 and shouted out loud!!!!! Had so much fun playing with Alvin. We were both laughing our heads off sometimes.

In the end i got around 8 or 9 killpoints compared to his 6. Managed to kill his most expensive HQ and unit so another 17-5 to the Saim-Hann.

3rd game : Iqbal Alpha Legion CSM ( hey...didn't i just played against the Alpha Legion?) Sieze ground-Spearhead
I knew going into this game i had the lead over Iqbal so decided not too take any unnecessary risks like in the game against Alvin. It was also the most heavily terrain-ed table i've ever played on so movement were very restricted. Having better long range weapons i decided to camp near my objective and shoot his forces from afar. Seer council would go out alone to contest his objective and make a nuisance of themselves.

Since killpoints would be counted in the event of a draw i decided to get early points by targeting
his rhinos and other soft units. In the end i managed to destroy 3 rhinos, 1 oblitz squad and 1 termie squad. He only killed my 5 man dire avenger unit before time ran out.

A tie but i won on killpoints score. 15-5 to the Saim-Hann.

3 games and 3 victories saw me getting the Marksman Award! Very nice! Now i get to go to the finals and meet Iz and his unstoppable orks.....groan...

Thank to so much to Shazli, Alvin and Iqbal for the game. I had great fun.

Thanks also to Jeff for organizing the tourney.

Did i not say that heads would roll??? LOL

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Welcome to Kindred! A Legio Malaysia Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament.

This time Arzmi and me will be running this event with tremendous guidance from master event organizer, Mr. Jeff Brooks himself. This will be our first time ever organizing such an event and we truly need you support to make this a successful one.

We have and will continue to strive to make this event an 'overall' experience you will not forget. Did you have fun at Inquisition Wars? Which part did you enjoy the most? Well, we intend to surpass that with Kindred!! Couldn't take part in the Inquisition Wars? Then you DO NOT want to miss Kindred. The Kindred poster we came up with is just a small indication of our commitment to your 'overall' experience.

Everything you need to know about the event is over at the Legio site so head on over there ASAP.

Come join this event. It'll be fun. And did i mentioned that we appreciate your support.

Let us bleed together.

Thank you in advance guys.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Next Army

After months of deliberation and many a teh tariks with my brother, i am happy to announce that i've finally decided on which army i will build as my 2nd. I've been having this huge itch to paint a new army ever since i completed my Saim-Hann. I'm still having loads of fun playing with my jetbike council but the need to paint is just too overwhelming.

I do not want to start another eldar, that just wouldn't be fun. But i was having a huge problem deciding on which army to start. The main cause of this was that i was always comparing each army's abilities to my beloved Eldar. None, in my opinion, could compare to the overall fluff and abilities of the Eldar. Let's not even talk about physic powers. I could never survive without fortune...

Therein lies my fault. And my salvation. Once i had gotten past the fact that every army was different and should be viewed and played differently, my choices became easier. I also decided that this time i wanted to build a theme army. Not one where i believed would stack up to the other armies being played out there.

Yes, i openly admit that my current Saim-Hann list is my perception of an Eldar power list which could go up against the best. Eldrad, jetbike seercouncil, 2 fire prisms. Is this powergaming? i'm not sure but having Eldard there sure isn't fluff. I should be ashamed of myself. But to be fair my playing skills are mediocre at best. Its a good list. I just don't have the skills to do it justice.

Well, all that will change with this new army. It will be built to fluff. It will be built for a single purpose only. It will not be built to be good in the 3 standard 40k scenarios but mark my words, it will be exiciting to play against! You will remember the time you played against this list.That much i promise you guys.

How serius am i about starting this new army? Well, i already have an elite squad assembled and ready to be primed tonight. As with my Saim-Hann, it will be a top secret project which you will only see on the table once everything is completed. I'm tartgeting end March 2010.

So who wants first dibs??

ps: to those in the know, i would appreciate your utmost discretion. Maggi goreng mamak and teh ais on me this Legio nite. LOL