Monday, August 6, 2012

Luflandesturm 1st platoon gliders and 2nd platoon completed

Completed painting 1st platoon's 3 DFS230 gliders over the weekend :) Plus the Company HQ's, I now have 4 fully painted gliders. I must say they will look spiffy on the tables when i deploy them using the glider assault rule. Just have to make sure the Company Commander's glider doesn't crash...killing him and the 2iC even before the fight has started.
4 down and 6 more to go. That's not all i managed to get painted from the last post. 2nd platoon minus their gliders are also done. My list has 8 platoon so that means I'm at 2/8....again since their gliders aren't done, they can't actually be considered done....ahh well. Group photo so far. CC, 2iC, 1st and 2nd.
Apologies for the low res pics. Left my camera at the office and this was taken using my hanphone. Next up is 3rd platoon.
But am feeling tired of painting infantry so these guys will have to wait. I'll paint the anti-tank PaK36 platoon first while painting 2nd's gliders.

Ohhh and I managed to get my hands on this over the weekend. Very nice reference and history book.
 Guess what my next late war army is gonna be :)

Take care everyone :)


  1. I love the gliders.

    Out of interest whats your list with the FJ's?

  2. Very nicely done. I agree with Ben on the Gliders!

  3. Thanks guys. Appreciate it.
    Ben- this is my list for 1750.

    HQ with glider

    Luft platoon 1 - three squads
    Luft platoon 2 - three squads
    Luft platoon 3 - three squads

    Fallsjgr mortar platoon - two sections
    Fallsjgr AA platoon - two sections

    For the Death from Above mission, the 25% extra troops will be;

    Fallsjgr platoon - three squads
    Fallsjgr AT platoon - two sections

    This will give me 7 platoons at 2180 points. Depending on missions played I'll probably kampfgruppe to make it 8 platoons.

    1. Food for thought. I'm looking at a Crete themed list for an EW tournament next year. But it's hard to get enough in 1500pts if you go with gliders.

      Also how did you paint the gliders?

      Sorry if I'm being a pain!


    2. Ben- Am more than happy to share :)

      I have actually take progress pics painting the gliders. I'll make it the next post. In the meantime;I use Vallejo model colors and airbrush.
      -started with priming using vj grey primer;
      - then painted the underneath with 907 pale greyblue;
      -masked the underneath area and spray the whole glider 890 reflective green.
      - mask the area i wanted to remain light green and spray the final color 979 German camo dark green.
      - after this decals, detail washing and final coat of matt.

      I'll be honest, i don't expect to win many games with this list. Pioneer paratroopers at 450 points for 7 stands is very expensive. But to see 10 gliders on the table and assaulting pinned down and bailed out tank crew should be interesting :)Its just a fun list for our campaign. Add some spice to the infantry and tank list.

      I wouldn't go to a tournament with this list...unless if going for best painted haha.

    3. I know what you mean. It's going to be a fun list but (and it's a big but) there will be lists you will have no chance against.

      I'm planning an FJ company for a tournament next year. The choice between gliders or no gliders is a big one. No gliders means a better list (IMHO), but Gliders are to cool not to include!

      I look forward to the guide.


  4. You are a painting BEAST! I need to get off my ass and stop dragging my feet...!

    Well done dude. The gliders are going to look outrageous on the table. Can't wait!

  5. nice models, as always.
    one question though: how are you planning to transport the gliders?

  6. Thanks guys :)

    Iqbal- i'm currently using a white box for the gilders. Unfortunately can only fit 6 so i'll have to use 2 boxes. Will share in next post.

  7. Looking good dude! I should post up the batch of Panzer IIC's for my alternate panzerkompanie list just to make you pick up the pace! :P

    1. Thanks Nahri :)
      Dude, yes you should post it. You're putting us all to shame with your progress...or should i say completion.

  8. Nice work! Are the troops mainly in field gray?

    1. Thanks man. It's actually luftwaffe grey. I would've followed the color scheme in Burning Empires till i bought the Osprey German Airborne Troops book. Yes my previous post. Early war has them in grey jump smock :)