Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fallschirmjager Pak36 Light Anti Tank Guns

Got these guys done tonite. Nothing special...just wanted to achieve a table top decent painting standard. I had fun painting these gun teams after finishing 2 full infantry platoons and 7 gliders. Nice change of subject for me :)
As befitting a parachute infantry support option, they can be parachuted straight into enemy held territory. Lets just hope :
1. They land adjacent to their weapons container;
2. They don't land on top of any enemy team;
3. They don't land in rough terrain;
4. I don't roll 1s when they land in safe open terrain.

Hmmmm...why is 3/4 of my statements negative?? 

May the winds guide them to a safe landing ready to shoot at pinned down and/or bailed out enemies. ROF 3 AT 6 for each should be fun :)