Sunday, August 26, 2012

Fallshirmjager Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon Completed

I'm really counting on these AA guns to provide my pioneers with much needed fire support when they land and start assaulting. With ROF 4 each and  AT 5, they will help to clear enemy infantry as well as tanks.

I've made the guns facing forward instead of up for this reason alone. I don't think the allies have any air support capable of bombings in early war/blitzkreig....i might be wrong..
Should've made them tilt up slightly more...Not too happy with the way they look once i had painted them up. Can't do much now since its already super glued in place.  Ahh well..hope it helps them to hit their target more :)

Almost reaching the final line with this army list. Just the MG and FJ platoon to complete. Should be able to get a trial game this week. 

Who wants first shot at the elite of the elite pioneers?


  1. Nice work on the guns - too often German Early War grey just looks, well, plain grey. You've put some depth in there with the highlights. Good mix of flock on the bases too.

  2. Good Job.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the army finished.

  3. Naise! You are really cranking this army out- I need to keep up the pace!

  4. Thanks guys :) Am looking forward to finishing this army and trying the death from above mission. 10 gliders landing on the table should be cool.