Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AH-1G Cobra - delightful distraction

I'm a sucker for aircrafts of all types. So when this guy landed on my table last week at work it was all i could think of. The change from painting infantry teams was a welcome change as always :)
This kit is in fact the first ever heli if've painted in my life. Lots of planes but this is the first heli for me. Not such a wise move to spend time painting it up since our early war campaign is less than 2 weeks away.....i'm weak...

My customary WIP pics. Decided to do pre-shading  just coz i haven't done it in ages. 
The resin kit is quite good. Fit went well and weight is super nice. I can see myself painting a few more of these.
I really enjoyed painting the cobra. "whup!! whup!! whup!!   braka!! braka!! braka!! get some....get some!!! was in my head throughout the time.

Now time to start painting those pioneer paras again...


  1. Very nice ... glass reflections and all. =)
    Just finished my first heli too ... an Ork deffkopta heh heh. ^^

  2. Your skills are getting better each day, nice job!

    Some questions if I may ask, did you do the panel lining before you airbrush it? Won't the airbrushing obscure the lining?

  3. dude, that's really nice work! Would be great to see you do AirCav with BF minis

  4. Dude! did you did the glass reflecting effect on the pilot seat or is it just lighting? if you did that effect, mind sharing how to do it? it looks very solid and realistic!

  5. Thanks as always guys :)

    Iqbal- with pre-shading you need to spray on multiple thin coats making sure you don't get rid of all the black areas underneath. Thin coats are the key.

    Goh- its not lighting hahaha. I did that using and airbrush. Its the only way i could achieve it and using and airbrush its really quite easy.
    I used GW paints for the canopy glass.
    1. sprayed chainmail all over.
    2. Mixed around 50:50 chainmail and regal blue and sprayed the bottom part.
    3. Added some more chainmail to this mixture to get a lighter hue and sprayed it on top.
    4. Did a final spray of chainmail on top to give it an extra shine.

    Of course i masked all the green areas before doing all this.

    Glad you liked it bro!!

  6. VERY nice work dude! Love the canopy as well