Sunday, July 29, 2012

Luftlandesturm 1st platoon completed ...almost

Finally got these guys done. They're taking more time than i expected.
Am quite happy with how they turned up :) I've never been good with bases. Either from lack of imagination or plain lazy. The latter i believe. To not make another plain grassy base, i decided to stick some barbed wires to them. Not sure if they work though...but better than my previous FoW bases by far. Plus these guys are elite pioneers and they'll be gliding into fortified enemy territory. You'd figure they'd come across barb wires here and there huh.
The barb wires were made using Gale Force 9's basing accents new iron cable product. I actually experimented on the company commander and 2ic before deciding to do for all the forces.
Unfortunately, technically the first platoon isn't done yet :(   That's because i haven't completed their gliders yet....
Ouch...9 more gliders to paint. Masking, spray light green, mask again, spray dark green, gloss, decals, detail works, matt varnish... what have i gotten myself into.....

Last post i mentioned that the next post would be on the Me262 jet plane. Due to technical reasons that will have to be postponed to sometime mid August ;)

Cheers everyone and do have a good day.


  1. Thats alot of gliders!

    They are looking really good.

  2. Nice progress, bro. Keep it up and keep posting them photos.

  3. You're a beast! We've gotta keep paintin' n' postin' to keep the momentum going...

  4. Thanks guys.

    Ben- yeah lots of gliders. I originally thought about having 4 platoons thus having 12 gliders but wanted to keep my insanity intact.

    Doc- bro, please arrange to come during one of the campaign nights and bring your fearless punjabis!!!

    Jeff- agreed. Already have my next post planned for tomorrow night ;)

  5. You should do one glider crashed on the ground i.e. wings or innards ripped apart by stakes on the ground. Now that would be sweet. =)

  6. You guys are fast, really fast..

  7. 4EM- i actually tried to magnetise the wings so it can be modeled broken as there's rules for that when landing but to no avail :(
    Maybe if i have time i'll do a few with wings detached to simulate such.

    Vuel- They're fast. I'm not ;)