Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Luftlandesturm Kompanie 1750 EW

Fearless Veterans, they are listed as "an elite within an elite force" in the FoW Burning Empires armybook.

I admit i had a tough time deciding which force to build for our early war invasion of the low countries campaign set to start in September. That is until Jeff suggested i build the Luftlandesturm company. After reading their the airborne assault rules and the death from above mission scenario...i fell head over heels for them. Probably isn't a coincidence that my other infantry army are the 101st Screaming Eagles ;)

Although we're using the Blitzkreig army book, i've managed to get an exception from the other campaigners.

So i went out over the weekend and managed to get this last copy of the book which is a must for any fallschirmjager nut.

And armed with that i present my Company Command and 2iC pioneer SMG team together with their cool ride...a DFS 230 glider.

Haven't been so stoked to paint up an army since my paras.

Next post will be about this beautiful bird :)


  1. They are looking cool. I hope they do well in your campaign.

  2. Thanks Ben. Saw the nice p-47 on your blog. I'm crazy about WW2 planes and love playing FoW. Will definitely visit your site more often :)

    Wanted to save this for the next post but guess you kinda dealt my hands. So do enjoy the wunderweapon. Its a really nice kit and you must really get it!!

  3. That is one cool ME 262! Is that the BF model? If so how did you get it early?

  4. I love the glider! Its looks really good. Were they airbrushed? The glider also reminds of the old combat comics I used to read. =)

  5. Very nice pics- esp. the ME lol

  6. I am hoping to join the next FOW campaign. Sure will be great.
    Nice job on the models.

  7. wow, you've started on your army..nice!

  8. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    4EM- yes, they were airbrushed. Couldn't have achieved that result without using one. i have another 10 gliders to go...

    Iqbal- Nahri and Mark have practically finished their armies...5 weeks to go man!!

    1. It's okay, I'm still ahead of schedule :)