Saturday, February 26, 2011

Epistolary Perseus

This is among the coolest looking model in the GW range in my opinion. When I first saw it in the BA codex I knew I had to get it one day. And since GW doesn’t have any nice looking librarian model that i like, esp one equipped with a jump pack, I decided to use this for one of my librarian HQ.

Unfortunately, the skull helm is special to the chaplain order so that was the first that had to go. I tried making a librarian psychic hood using an idea from the net by using SM shoulder pads but I failed miserably. The hood was large and wasn’t proportionate to the armor. And I wanted my librarian to look sleek and not top heavy like some evil mastermind marvel comic character.

In the end I used one of the head from the death company box set. This head had a sorta head band thingy which I painted silver to represent the hood. My librarian is so powerful he doesn’t need some clumsy contraption to help him use the power of the warp :)

2nd to go was the crozius, another chaplain specific weapon. This was easier to cut off and change with a sword from…..from……I forgot. I tried using the technique shown on Awesomepaintjob and am moderately happy with the result. Need more practice to get the effect. Special thanks to Mr. Les Bursley for sharing the technique. Thanks to Jeff for sharing the vid tutorial with me (dude; have you tried this technique? How's your result?). For those who haven’t seen it, please click here. It uses an airbrush to achieve the effect so it’s not for everyone. But I will say that it’s super easy to achieve and doesn’t involve hours of oil painting mixing and layering to achieve.

I painted the shoulder pad border blue to give it some attachment to the librarian order. I had initially wanted to paint the helm blue but for BA, blue helms are devastator squads. So I painted the helm ultra clean white to give it tabletop presence as the army HQ.

Didn’t paint the skull on the right shoulder pad as this would make it recognizable as Lemartes. Looking back at the model I think there’s not enough blue to make him easily recognizable as a librarian. What do you think? Perhaps I should paint the whole right shoulder pad blue??

Next up, the Honor Guards.



    I agree that the model probably needs more blue to distinguish it as a librarian, but at the moment I have no clue yet as where to add the blue to the model..most probably at the jumppack..

  2. I like the sword bro. Les is a magician with the airbrush and so are you. Anyways, I can't wait to see more. Cheers!

  3. Nice execution of the sword NMM technique! AWESOME!

    If it were me, I'd paint the helmet blue as well. It'd look sweet IMO.

    Great job on this fig dude- you definitely have the hobby sizzle!!!!

  4. Thanks guys.

    Getting lemartes' head off wasn't fun since it was cast together with the body. Lots of cutting and filling.

    The sword does look nifty so i'm happy with that.

    Now i'm thinking of painting both shoulder pads blue. I'll try with the second librarian before i decide anything.