Friday, February 11, 2011

My new bases

If there’s one thing I've learnt from painting my Saim-hann and Lizardmen army , it’s that using sand for basing is a tedious job. It was even worse for the lizardmen since the model count was a lot more compared to Saim-Hann.

Allow me to demonstrate.

  1. Mix water to PVA glue
  2. Brush glue to base
  3. Dip in sand
  4. Shake off excessive sand
  5. Wait for sand to dry
  6. Paint prime color to the sand
  7. Wash sand with darker color or black
  8. Wait for wash to dry
  9. 1st color drybrush
  10. 2nd color drybrush
  11. Final color light drybrush.

11 steps multiplied by the number of models u have. Plus the waiting time for the glue to dry and then the wash color to dry. Too much messy work and hassle for my liking.

So for my space marine and future projects I will use a simpler method. Ok ok, I admit I’m a lazy bum.

Materials used:

1. Textured plastic sheet - i don't know the real name for it but you can buy it at most arts material shop. This one i bought in Shah Alam for around $12.00. A3 size.They're usually used by architect students to make their model houses and buildings. They come in many texture so just get the one you like best.

2. Plastic tube you get when buying brushes.

3. The smallest nut i could find.

The new process.

  1. Cut plastic sheet in desired base size.
  2. Glue cut sheet to base
  3. Superglue nut to base
  4. Glue plastic tube to base.
  5. Paint black
  6. Drybrush copper
  7. Drbrush boltgun metal
  8. Light drybrush silver.

Yes, it’s only 3 steps less that the sand method but there is no hassle and mess from handling pvc glue and sand. Step 2 to 4 is super easy. Plus there’s no waiting for glue and washes to dry. In short, it’s a whole lot simpler. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the grainy natural earth look. I’m ok with this coz I’m sure I can think of something for my next fantasy army which doesn’t require using sand.

The final look of an industrial area is not to bad in my opinion. The best part is that it didn’t take long to make. Please have a look. I appreciate your comments guys :)

Thanks for your time.


  1. Where is this shop bro? I've been looking for checker plating for my new army. I've also been contemplating using Vallejo Black Lava to make an abandoned city base. Cheers!

  2. Name of the shop is Masterclass in section 2. Last time i was there they had like arnd 7 types of texture. A good one to get is small brick walls. Am thinking of using it for future fantasy army.

  3. Awesome bro, thanks. I must drop by when I get home. Good luck with your new army bro. See you at KII. Boo ya.

  4. The base itself is nicely done, but IMO you paint scheme is a bit too simple. How about painting the nut in a rust scheme, or maybe gluing a short length of electrical wire and painting it a different color?

    It's funny, but I never really thought of basing as such a chore. I almost always base my figs during the assembly process, and I really enjoy painting them up with a common theme. I also don't typically ink them since waiting for the ink to dry is a pain. Here's a good example of how I do it:

    No inks, but a decent result that actually paints up really fast. I'm a bit of a nutter when it comes to bases though, so take my comments with a generous grain of salt! :D

  5. nice red marine you got there ;p

  6. @jeff- thanks for the link to your method. I remember seeing that a while back. Really nice result!! Guess i'm just lazy to play with sand for the time being. Wanted something different for this army.

    I will be adding some extra details for different squads. The electrical wire idea sounds for good :) Thanks man!!!

    @iqbal- no more secrets from me. All will be revealed soon ;)