Monday, February 7, 2011

2.5 K Lizardmen army completed

As per revised schedule, I’ve managed to complete painting my temple guards unit and so now I have a fully painted 2500 points lizardmen army. Huzzah!!!!

I even managed to get a game in against Khun Faizal over the weekend J. First win for the fully painted lizardmen ! Double Huzzah!!!

I admit that there are still minor things that I need to touch up, which I will be doing over the coming months but the important things is that this list is fully painted to tabletop standards. It’s not as nicely painted as my saim-hann but it serves the purpose well.

This will be my only second fully painted army. It’s a huge relief that I have finally managed to complete it. Nice feeling to have when you can see them all on the table fully painted and raring to go. It’s like putting that final piece in a 1750 piece jigsaw puzzle.

I bought this army around middle 2009 and only managed to get it done in Feb 2011. Nothing to be proud of and I hope I won’t be making this mistake again. So no more buying until I complete my next project.

2nd resolution is the organizing on K2 which is going well so far.

Just a reminder, guys please confirm your participation by paying your fees to Arzmi if you want that cool K2 t-shirt J.

3rd resolution starts tonite!! My 1750 space marine force. My initial target was to get it done by 31st May but now it’s going to be pushed forward to 15th May so that I can enter it for Sporecon which is scheduled to on 28th and 29th May.

I have my list, have all the models I need for the list, completed painting one squad as a test unit and quite happy with the result. So now I need to put the effort into it and finish it.

I’ll post the test unit next week. No more secrets for me this time around guysJ. I’ve created a monster trend of building armies in total secrecy and it seems like there are so many secret armies in progress at the moment. Esp true for K2. Everyone is so hush hush about their projects!!

So I’ll try to rectify this trend that I’ve created by sharing with you guys my progress for this army. Or…..perhaps I should still do it in secret…..hhmmmmmm.

Let’s see………………………..


  1. yeah, it's all because of you & your great Saim-Hann secret..

  2. Nicely done bro and yes the secrecy all came about since your Saim-Hann army... It's your fault :p

  3. Well done homie! ROOOOOOOCCCCKKKKK!!!!

  4. Thanks guys.

    We really need to get rid of this secrecy trend. How bt we start with u guys, Iqbal n Ivan :)

    Show us what u have cooking???

  5. It is about time the Dwarfs marched to the old world again.

    My K2 army is no secret, everyone knows.....White Scars....but my expendables(hopefully) remains a secret.

  6. Secret lagi.......

    What have u created khairul.....sigh....

    Its all my fault.....its all my fault....

  7. Awesome.. I fully painted 2.5k WFB army.
    That put my DE to shame. Seriously..