Monday, February 21, 2011

Squad Odysseus

I’ve complete Squad Odysseus. These were my test models for my Angels Sanguinus (AG) army.

I admit that I was never a huge fan of 2 colors split down the middle scheme. To me it just looks childish and didn’t think a proper SM chapter would choose that as their color scheme. I know I wouldn’t wear such an amour. Hence the reason I’m not a SM although I have the looks to be one ;)

That was until I saw the AG sergeant model with the twin lightning claws. I had decided then that I wanted to build a BA force but didn’t want a generic BA. After seeing that Sgt model in the BA codex I was hooked.

When I read the little fluff that was given it just cemented my decision. Apparently, the AG never takes off their helmet in public. They only do that in the privacy of their monastery. How awesome is that for me!!!! Coz I totally suck at painting faces hehehe. Thank you GW. U just made my life easier.

Another very important decision criterion was that so far there is no AG army that I know of in our gaming community. This is actually the most vital criteria. If someone had already built and played an AG army then I would definitely choose another. The Knights or Lamenters perhaps.

Flesh tearer was out of the question coz Jeff the Forgemaster already has that and who in the right mind would want to be benchmarked against his work :P

I hope u enjoy the pictures and I would leave you with a question to ponder.

How important is it to you that you build a unique army?One that nobody currently has.

ps : apologies the quality of the pics are sub-standard. I need to learn how to take good pic :(


  1. nice update bro..the marines sure look dangerous, they seemed happy to headbutt at will..scary lah..

    regarding uniqueness, I don't think we can avoid having the same an example, the Raven Guard, as Kadir & Synide also has them..but the way each of us made them unique is by army concept; Kadir plays Rhino & Tac Squads, Synide with Drop-pods, while mine is chocked full of scouts..
    the same goes for my Alpha Legion, it differs with Alvin's by colour, army concept, and of course, conversions..
    I also own a Nurgle-centric Chaos Daemon army, which none has yet in Malaysia..
    I'm pretty sure I'll soon be the only one with a bright & striking orange-coloured Eldar army..hahaha :p

  2. I agree with Iqbal, uniqueness is one thing and the same army is another. There's only so many armies to play out there so we're left with themed armies. Agreed that each player builds his army around a certain theme, some cheesy, some fluffy, style of play and others just for fun.

    Like me, my Death Guard army was straight out of the internet. Fast, easy and effective to learn the game again. I got bored very fast although I did manage to buy 5,000 points worth :p But the key here is to build an army that is unique to ourselves. Alvin builds long range armies, Joe goes for killy-ness, Azlan and Jeff builds crazy-ass themed armies.

    Starting 2010, I kinda went with themed armies. To build an army different from other. They might not be championship winning, but they are what I want in an army, personalized.

    Anyhow enough with chit-chat, keep up the progress bro. It's looking really good. Gotta post up a tutorial ya. Cheers and happy hobbying.

    *Hope I don't get flak for my comment

  3. You apologize too much dude- your pics look great! :) Angels Sanguine is an awesome chapter, and I'm glad we're going to see it done. I'm planning on bringing Flesh Tearers to SPORE, so the sons of Sanguinius will be properly represented! :D

    As far as uniqueness goes, I think it is fun to build and paint unique armies. Seeing new stuff widens the selection possibilities for campaigns and such, and brings more variety and freshness to a hobby community. I don't think it's essential though- even making the "same" army as someone else leaves loads of room for conversions, paint jobs, etc. If you look at my Alpha Legion, compared to Iqbal's and Alvin's they look radically different. I've got my take on them, and they have theirs. It's all good... :)

  4. Nicely done bro! Its good to see a theme based army on the battlefield rather than the usual power/cheesy armies. I'm doing the same thing with my Night Lords army and its totally fluff from the Soul Hunter novel.

  5. Thanks guys :)

    @jeff- we look forward to fighting alongside our brother Flesh Tearers!!! Imagine if we could get all the other BA chapters...then we could relive Red Fury!!!

    With regards to army uniqueness, i'm personally of a different view. I think i just like the fact that i'm playing an army that no one else has. But thats just me :)