Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brother Sargeant Odysseus completed

Gentlemen, please allow me to proudly introduce Brother Sargeant Odysseus of the Angels Sanguine.

So the secret is out now. I’m doing an Angels Sanguine army. I hope this encourages all those who are having secrets projects to come out into the open.

This was my first test model for my 1750 list. I wanted to have a dynamic pose which showed the angels in flight using their JPs. Placing both hands at the back and positioning the head in front of both feet achieved this look nicely I think. I initially thought of using wire or clear plastic to simulate them actually flying through the air but the results weren’t that nice.

So I ended having him step on a piece of terrain to show some height. Maybe I’ll try again for the next squad.

I think it captures the moment of when the angels are trying to be as aerodynamic as possible when preparing to touchdown and start the attack.

All of the squad members will share a similar pose/theme. I’ll post them later.

In the meantime, I truly appreciate your comments.

For Sanguinus and the Emperor!!!


  1. Nicely done bro. The pose is different from what I've seen before. Looks like he's taking off.
    Anyways I don't think anyone will be taking the cover's off their secret project seeing how tight the competition is for KII. But come the day I'm sure everyone will come through and it will be awesome ;) Cheers and keep up the hobbying.

  2. woooot!!
    SMART gile bro!!
    awesome skull with wings on the shoulder pad!!

  3. That looks fantastic! The pose is very dynamic, and the colors all work well together. I particularly like your yellow shading on the helmet- nicely done.

    Looking forward to seeing this army complete!

  4. Thanks guys :)

    I initially wanted to use blood red but decided it would look too bright and similar to my saim-hann.

    Used red gore and was happy with the decision. In hindsight, the color looks similar to my altansar hahaha.

    And Iqbal's guess was dead on!! That guy is good :)!!! no wonder he's alpha legion....

  5. Going for the head butt, eh?
    If all you models gonna have this kind of pose, they will definitely put the Ogre Kindom's 'Bull Charge' to shame.
    Excellent choice of colours, you should thank me for taking up White Scars, coz now you can play around with more Skull White only.

  6. Dude, I am The Codebreaker..(err, how did I become this obnoxious?)

    fantastic pose & nice colours..the camera flash dissolved your highlight though..
    but again you still dwelved on red-black-white colour advice, please make it remarkably different from your Saim-Hann..