Monday, January 31, 2011

Broke my first new year resolution

Well, in my defense i could have finished it on time if i hadn't gone back to Malaysia over the weekend :).

Not a good start i admit but i did control myself and didn't buy anything even after much temptation.

These temple guards are the last unit that needs to be painted to complete my 2.5K fully painted lizardmen army.
They're 50% complete so i should be able to complete them over this weekend.

Then its on to the long delayed space marine 1750 force.

On a side note; managed to get 2 fantasy games against arzmi when i was back and i must say i'm getting really ticked that the empire man-thing is able to get as many power dice and more dispell dice for every turn!!! And i'm playing the lizardmen....the supreme magic master??? Humans can get free dispell dice, save unused power dice then end up having more than me....???How is that!!!! Its mind boggling that it's just ....... ..

So what do u do when this happens???
a) play more games and gain experience;
b) scour the net and learn tactics;
c) buy new army...



  1. Paint those Temple Guard dude!!!!

  2. Kill the monkey....
    Did you all know that Arzmi's Engineer is a monkey? First thing to do against Arzmi is to match(Kill) his Cannons and Mortars.
    Max out your Skinks and with their scout rule they can be deployed very close to the cannons.
    Blow-dart them to death.....and now you'll be on even grounds.

  3. haha you are spot on to be ticked by my magic defense bro!! what Doc say may be true but i dont think Doc has faced your Girl-Jabba yet!!

    in both our games i think we can both agree that my warmachines didnt get me the win, it was because of your magic phase. in the 1st game, where it was a draw, i think my warmachines 'HIT' a lot more than our 2nd game but because in the 1st game you totally dominated magic phase with your silly irresistible and that gay cupped hands which blew my lv4 wizard to oblivion, you could have easily won. it was a draw where you were leading by 50ish points, close to victory!!

    2nd game when you were unable to control the magic phase sadly Girl-Jabba kana tapao haha

    if i was you, i would try and find ways to remove people's wizard as top priority. i reckon this would work not only against empire but other armies as well. considering how well and easy your Girl-Jabba can dominate the magic phase, imagine if you managed to kill Lv4 wizards by turn 2 or 3. i reckon after that Girl-Jabba will be Scary Spice.

    Doc needs to have a game with your Girl-Jabba, show him how your magic phase dominates the game. Bro seriously, if Girl-Jabba can dominate the magic phase, you are nigh unbeatable, proven by your other games.

    I think you are damn powerful already, against other armies you are doing very well, iirc all your games in malaysia which were not against me was easy win for you although your bloodlust has allowed peeps to grab victory in the jaws of defeat a few times lol

    @Doc-if you think about it again Doc, the game where we ended up in a draw i had all 4 warmachines alive at the end and was shooting every single turn, but it still was a draw!! point is warmachines doesnt win me games, my blocks of infantry does. im sure you remember how in one turn you managed to kill off 40 dudes in 1 shooting phase. Dwarves' warmachine win games unlike empires'. as for your Ogres, well i think they need a new army book.

  4. the answer to your question is:

    buy new army!!!!


  5. @Arzmi- True that your cannon cannot win the game but it playes a pivotal role that can suddenly turn the game around.
    Remember they are the ones that took out the Quarellers in the tower. If that didn't happen I would have won the game.

    I am so into K2 that I have ignored Fantasy all together. Once K2 is done I will surely challenge one or both you brothers for a game of Fantasy.

  6. @Lan- thank you for being the wisest of the lot :)

  7. So we playin WFB this Sunday, 12pm? Surely your Girl Jabba wanted revenge after our last encounter..