Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2011 projects

Besides organizing Kindred with my brother, 2010 was by my own admittance a very disappointing year for me. Disappointing in terms of the amount of models i completed painting and the amount of games i managed to play. I know for sure that i played less than ten 40k games and managed 4 fantasy games(all 4 at end dec) for the whole year. Let’s not even talk about my blog, serious lack of commitment there.

I could fault the whole galaxy and every star in between but in the end the blame falls entirely on me. I was just lazy. Lazy and uninspired. Inspiration is a very powerful element in our hobby. And it’s very easy to be inspired when u get to meet your friends, throw some dice and hang out at the mamak till wee hours talking crap about the hobby. So it was a very refreshing experience for me being able to spend time with some of you guys during my holidays back home recently.

Which is something i’ve been dreadfully missing for the better part of 2010.

So while i’m in the mood, here goes my new year resolutions for this year.

1. Finish painting my Lizardmen army by 31st Jan.
This is on schedule as i'm trying to attend Hobby Night on the 28th Jan with a fully painted 2.5K Lizardmen army. After a marathon painting effort recently, i'm only left with 20 templeguards and 1 skink priest. The templeguards are assembled, based and waiting to be painted. 8 days to go so i should be able to complete them over the weekend. The only stumbling point being do i want to bring them back just for the weekend as i'll be flying back on the 31st. And what's the best way to carry them as i don't want to check in anything so i can get out of the airport ASAP.
Would love to play against Arzmi and Iqbal and make comments about how they managed to get such a realistic grey plastic effect. One of them even have a headless horse calvary or something :)

2. Ensure K2 will be run better than K1.
Only time will tell on this one but we have made every effort so far to make it exiciting. Up from the announcement, the puzzles to guess the event date, release of rules pack and esp the announcement of the Expandables. I think we took everyone for quite a ride up to now. Now's the time to start planning for the event and making sure every aspect of the event is covered to ensure it is run as smoothly as K1.

I've managed to get some info from reigning champion Azlan and Jeff for their K2 project. If they do decide to go ahead with this project then i wish the other participants all the best. It blew my mind when i first heard it and i'm really hoping they follow through with it. I'll not say anything more about it in case they want to keep it under wraps until they announce it in their respective forums or simply wait for the tourney. Thanks for the support guys. Efforts like yours truly make organizing an event a memorable experience.

3. Finish painting my space marine army by 31st May.
I've finally decided on a SM chapter and have actually completed one squad of 5 as test models. I've also completed buying all the models required for a 1750 fluff list so now all i need to do is assemble and paint it. Its a very fluff list which i don't expect to do too well but should be fun to play with and play against. Jeff's wraith guard list inspired me to do this. No special characters and no cheezy combos to maximise firepower or close combat. But should look good on the table.

Why 31st May? Well, for one i should be completing my term in Bangkok this April 30th. So i hope to run Legio 40K League 4 by 1st June. Am thinking of maintaining the points at 1750 but am willing to bump it to 2k if there's support for it. Or perhaps bring it down to 1500 like League 2. Also will need a partner to run this since it'll be my first time and i intend to participate as well. Any takers besides Arzmi?

4. Finish painting my saim-hann bfg fleet by 31st August.

My wife bought me this 2K list for our wedding anniversary and so far i've only managed to paint 2 vessels. So it's only fair that i finish it by this year. And hopefully someone will organize another BFG campaign so we can get all those captains out of the closets. I for one am dying to shout "Fire torpedoes!!!!"

5. I will not buy any models, codex or army books until i complete task 1,2 and 3 (hahahahhaha).

This should be difficult. Very difficult.

6. Update my blog at least bi-weekly

I’m not a person who celebrates new years so i’m just going to wish all of you a pleasant and prosperous 12 months ahead. Here’s hoping the future will always be brighter than the past.

Cheers guys :)


  1. I personally don't recommend you bringing back the Lizzies if you're just going to be here for 3, Arzmi has been busy in revamping his GK while I'm giving my full concentration on my K2 army..

    On a side note, did you know that SporeCON is on 28-29th of May?

    Consider me in as a partner for Legio League 4..I almost organized one in November but I have to pull out due to work reasons..I really need a partner to help me run it during that period, but there were none available..

  2. Dude, just get real and drop number 5 .. lol

    And as Vuel said, get the SM army painted a week earlier and bring it to Spore!

  3. @iqbal- thanks for the heads up bro. Was really looking forward to playing a few fantasy games but not looking forward to packing and transporting them. I'll leave them behind then.

    Cool!!! We'll do league 4 together then. I'll try to meet up so we can discuss a few things. Have some exciting ideas to spice it up :)

    @lan- totally forgot abt s'pore. Now there's a reason to get the SM force done. Thanks for the heads up!! This will be my first s'pore.

    Should i finish the templeguards or start on the marines tonite.........

  4. You seriously need to get that marine army done in time for SPORE. They can be a part of our Imperial Crusade theme! :D

  5. Imperial Crusade theme?
    oh no, I'm not even part of the Imperial..

  6. We're going ahead with the plan for a theme for spore? Thts awesome!! Have we decided on the common color n symbol?

    This is gonna be good :)!!! More inspiration to paint!!!!