Thursday, November 24, 2011

Parachute Field Artillery Battery Completed

Completed the command, staff and observer teams. Now this platoon is done and ready to lay down some hurt to support the infantry platoon before their assaults.

I'm really enjoying painting these guys :) And to keep with my color recognition system, i painted dark purple dots to mark them. It's not too visible from the picture but they're there.

Up next is 2nd platoon. But a neat project just got whispered to me during work and it's sounding really interesting hehe. Let's how fickle i am....

Must paint 2nd platoon....must paint second platoon....don't look at those marines.....don't...paint 2nd platoon....huh!!! where did that come from..... ;)

Cheers guys :)


  1. Fuiyo~~ you are hobbying hard man!

  2. You're a machine dude! Keep rockin'!!!!

  3. Thanks guys :)

    Yeah, i've got the hobby mojo at the moment. Riding it hard all the way.

    Helps that you're loving the painting subject. Doesn't make it feel like a chore haha

  4. Yah Khairul ... you seem to be progressing at breakneck speed. =) The speed in which you take to paint over 20 miniatures ... I barely basecoat just one ... heh heh. Am on leave the coming 2 weeks ... must paint more like you!!!

  5. Naiss.
    I have to get my Punjabis and repaint them after looking at your models.

  6. Thanks guys :)

    Haven't painted for the past 3 days and am eager to start again. Plus i'll be organizing the Legio market garden campaign early next year so i really need to finish my this army asap.

    FEM- dude, u're on leave for 2 weeks!!! U lucky lucky man!! You could probably finish a 1k point force in that time hehe :)
    Get to work get to work!!! As in painting i mean ;)

    Doc- to inspire u more check this out :)
    Now stop trying to form a union and get those brushes out man!! That's an order!!!

  7. I wish I could just paint for these two weeks ... but you know how it is ... I have to entertain my son for his holidays and the missus is also on leave for about a week so too much painting = ignored wifey = bad for me!!! Heh heh.

    Btw, you won't be able to reach me at my company email now. I have sent you an email so ... details will be explained there.