Monday, November 14, 2011

Easy Company 1st platoon ready for war

Finally got these guys done :) I'll admit that when i started this project i thought it would be easy and quick. Quite the opposite...

What you see here is the basic strength of a US para platoon. 1 platoon command, 1 bazooka team, 1 mortar team and 6 infantry teams. 32 small soldiers in total. Of course they're not as big or detailed as your average marine figure but those figure do stack up....

I had this idea of painting lines at the back of the bases to differentiate between platoons and independent teams but settled on using dots as these are easier to paint. So red is my Company HQ, yellow for 2iC and khaki are 1st platoon. Maybe blue for 2nd. This way when my troops are on the table i can easily identify where each platoon is and give necessary orders to destroy the enemy :)

Group pic of all completed teams. HQ, 2iC and 3 bazooka teams, 1st platoon and platoon command for 2nd platoon.

I'm tired of painting infantry teams for time being so went with these guys. Am sure you can guess what will go in the middle...

Goodnite and currahee!!!

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  1. Achtung! Americana! Schießen schießen!

    Nice work on your army. =)