Sunday, November 20, 2011

Parachute Field Artillery Battery

These guys took a full solid week to finish. 16 models and 4 guns. I have really over estimated my schedule to finish my para company hahahah. Don't we all :)

Unfortunately, i haven't completed the command,staff and observer teams....sighh....9 more soldiers to complete my artillery platoon.

Currahee!!!! :)


  1. Nice progress. Hopefully we can start FOW in Feb...for Cookie's sake.
    I also will be back by then.

  2. Thanks guys. I really enjoyed painting these guys. Nice change from marines :)

    Doc, we're planning on running an FoW campaign around late Feb/March. Timeline just after D-day so its late war germans and allies :)

    You have to join!!!

  3. Those artillery pieces are awesome! Good work as always.