Sunday, November 6, 2011

101st progress

Completed the 1st platoon HQ and 1st squad. Progress has been slow this week but progress is still progress they say :)

So this is what i've done so far.

Company HQ consisting of Co commander and 2ic supported by 3 bazooka teams. 1st platoon ; platoon command and 2 rifle/mg team= 1 squad. I painted an extra command team which will be 2nd platoon's.

The followings pics are esp for 4eyedmonster, a fellow hobbyist and blogger i met for the first time over the weekend :)
You can check his blog here

I use a small computer fan to dry paints faster when i need to. It uses a usb connecter and i plug it in to my laptop.

I like to paint my Fow individually bluetacked on whatever i can find as opposed to using the icecream stick method. Although i still do batch production painting in small squads. The good thing about batch painting is you feel a sense of achievement seeing the models completed. Squad by squad until its all done :)

And this is my ultra sophisticated photo studio hehe. A3 size paper and Ikea table lamp.

Have a good holiday everyone :)


  1. T___,T my painting and photo studio consist of one paper box (paint studio cum spray booth) and two shoe boxes and a half naked chick 3D poster (it's white opposite site serve as most of my background for photo shooting...)

    Maybe I should really invest and set up a proper painting/photographig area for the sake of hobby~_~"

  2. That's a really awesome setup! Based on your hobby work station, you look like someone that can really multi-task. =)

    I have noticed that most hobbyist use fans to dry their models. Makes sense I guess. On my very first miniatures ... one ultramarine had a droopy antenna due to an overzealous blast of hot air from the missus' hair dryer.

    Your photo studio looks very cool. I am saving up for a lamp but my budget keeps getting blown every single time I am at HF =P

    Nice work on the models too. They look much smaller in size than your regular GW units.

  3. I used to use a hairdryer too but stopped when i found this small fan. No need to hold, no heat and absolutely zero noise hehe. Hairdryers are noisy :(

    My motto is make do with what u have. Spend the hard earned cash on models hahaha

  4. small computer fan?..that's far larger than what I'm using..

    good to see you in this newfound spirit for painting again..

  5. Your stuff's looking sweet dude- nice blog entry!

  6. Look like I gotta re-base my Punjabis. Your basing looks nice.

  7. Thanks guys.

    Yes Doc, u really must get yr punjabis in order. Next time u're in port we'll have an exercise yeah :)