Saturday, December 3, 2011

Easy Company 2nd platoon completed

Completed 2nd platoon today. Changed my style of painting from single bases to doing the whole platoon at one go. Through trial and error, i believe i've got down my process and painting these models are becoming a bit quicker. Which is good because i still have a lot to paint to finish this army :)
I've continued with using different colors to differentiate each platoons. 2nd got blue.
And this is what i've managed to paint so far. Co HQ with 3 bazooka teams, 1st platoon, 2nd platoon and field artillery battery. Not bad huh :)
And all of them fits snugly into these trays which i will share in the next post. I'm sure you guys can guess where it comes from. Suffice to say, they're AWESOME!!! Must buy for FoW players/hobbyists.
Next up is the machine gun platoon.

As always, i appreciate all comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading guys :)


  1. The army you have here already looks very very good. Keep up the pace, soldier! =)

    The only way I could think of - in which you could improve on it - is perhaps to vary the bases sligtly i.e. add rocks on some of the bases, bushes and hedgerows on others, or even barb wires/picket fences/wooden signs.

    But - correct me if I am wrong as I am still only a noob - this might only be practical if you wanted to do display pieces as opposed to pieces subjected to rough treatment, right?

    The tray looks cool, only for FoW forces or usable for GW miniatures too?

  2. Cool....I like the idea about the different colour code for the platoons.
    I am also interested in the tray. Where did you get them?

  3. Thanks guys. Really appreciate it :)

    FEM - thanks for the idea on sprucing up my bases. I must admit that from previous gaming experience they do tend to get damaged more easily. And i'm just lazy i guess. Plus i like to have my armies look uniform. Next FoW project will see an improvement i promise ;)

    Doc&FEM - the tray is from the FoW Army Kit Bag. I got them from Comicsmart recently and it's really sweet. Was gonna make it my next post but since u asked hehe....check it out at this link

    Let me say again, its really really sweet :)

  4. You are a monster mamma-jamma dude! I'm starting up my SS again tomorrow night with some Panzer IVH airbrushing love!

  5. Oh and I tend to agree with FEM on your bases, but I think you already got that one ;)

    They look solid and realistic, but for my taste I like more contrast. Bare patches of ground, tufts, rocks, etc. are easy, and FEM's more exotic ideas are sweet as well. However, consistency is king with army basing, so you'd probably be better off keeping them as is. They look great dude!

  6. nicely done bro.. i bet if you paint them using brush is going to kill you.

  7. Jeff - thanks man. Am doing the hmg platoon now and there's quite a lot of empty space...let's see what i can come up with :)

    diff - i did paint this army using brushes.
    Its way to small to use an airbrush for anywork even basecoating. So yeah, this FoW army was all brushes man.

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