Monday, December 19, 2011

US paratroopers anti tank platoon completed

The final element of my 1K US paratroopers force is finally done :)

I'm glad i painted these last because they are really nice models. Nice silhouette esp from the side. You gotta some really big balls sitting behind those guns waiting for tanks to appear esp if u see and hear a big tiger rumbling close by.

Well, they're not fearless veterans for nothing huh.

Not one to rest at the moment so my next project is the paras recon platoon consisting of 8 armored jeeps equipped with .50 cal machine guns.

This is to complete my 1.5K list and will not feature in the market garden campaign....well perhaps they could. Lets see how fast i can get them done.


  1. Wow dude, you didn't even take any rest after two day event and start hitting the painting table immediately, salute!

  2. dude, do you even know of the word 'rest'?

  3. Moreover ... painting standards have not been compromised. Mr Wicked Speed Painter =)

  4. Nice! I got a lot of assembly done last night for the "Emergency Americans" and was too beat to blog. I'll get something up tonight and try to get some paint down...

  5. Thanks guy :)

    This project kinda got itself going the second i started it. The only thing stopping me now is if i run out of paras to paint...