Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Silver Skulls test model

Minor distraction last weekend. This model was done last Sunday.

It's another test model for a project next year. Lesser known space marine chapter. It would certainly be a more affordable and doable project than the pre-heresy Emperor's Children, which i will do one day :)

My initial choice was the doom eagles but finally settled on silver skulls. Ditto on doom eagles coz their chapter specialty is assault marines....and after m
y descent of angels list, i'm in no mood to paint more jump pack marines.

The silver skulls have a darker metallic tone compared to doom eagles and after reading up on them i was hooked. An ultramarine 2nd founding successor chapter who believe deeply in signs and portents.

As you can see, i'm experimenting with weathering for this project. Although i don't want to over do it.

I still need to work on making my chips look more realistic. And i'll be getting the gw silver skulls shoulder pads so please forgive the crude freehand rendition.

In the past i would've been pleased with this result but a change is needed.
I have to learn new tricks :)

And in case you're wondering, no i haven't forgotten my airborne troops. The guns for the anti-tank platoon is all done :) 15 more infantry models and my 1K parachute infantry list is all done!!!

Appreciate your comments guys :)


  1. Nice post dude, and I love the Silver Skulls idea with the desert base. Great contrast there.

    US para guns look fantastic as well. I airbrushed tank numbers for Biermeyer's Pz IVH platoon last night, and sealed them up with a gloss varnish.

  2. Did you add chaos black to boltgun metal to get the darker look?

  3. nice! any idea when will they be making a debut on the battlefield?

  4. Thanks guys :)

    Jeff- thanks for suggestion on the chapter and base idea. Good call on both accounts ;)Need to improve on my chips though.

    And looking forward to seeing yr panzer IVs :)

    FEM- you're right on the money. But i'm gonna get the tamiya gunmetal color and try it. Would hate to mix that large amount of paint for the whole force.

    Dann- not sure on the dates yet. Care to join?

  5. The chips look pimp dude! The underside highlight definitely gives them the 3D pop, esp. the third pic left leg. Awesome stuff dude