Monday, July 29, 2013

HMS Temeraire : WIP

Continuing my hobby renaissance/getting into historicals, I'm now building Napoleonic ships. I got the 1/1200 British Starter pack from Langton Miniatures. This is the Pack Two set which contains 1 second rate, 2 third rate and 1 fifth rate ships. That's 4 ships in all.  This is their site if you're interested to start your own fleet.
I decided to build the biggest ship first (the 2nd rate) and have decided to name her HMS Temeraire. This ship was the second ship in Nelson's Weather Column and had quite a history on her.
The details of the ship is gorgeous for such a small cast; 6cm long for the hull. Mind you this is the second largest vessel available during that time. The quality of the white metal casts are very good and only minor cleaning is required. The bottom of the mast will need some trimming but overall the parts will fit nicely. Now that's what I call finecast.

By the way, we'll be using the Trafalgar rules printed by GW under their GW Historical banner some time ago. I believe it's out of print at the moment.

That's it for now. I'll share more when the ship is done.


  1. Dude, looks like it's coming along nicely! Those ships are amazingly detailed! Scary! Looking forward to see the fleet done!

  2. This ship looks amazing with the rigging all done- hat's off dude!

  3. When you finish, put it in a small bottle for that extra oomph! ^^

  4. Thanks gents. Appreciate your comments :)

    FEM - this ship is going on the gaming table for some high seas action!! Hard to starboard....Fire!!!