Wednesday, July 10, 2013

King Richard the Lionheart

This was another nice painting experience for me. Nothing to shout about but it felt nice painting the figure. Probably because it was painted without any particular goal in mind such as finishing up a unit or army. Painting just for painting.
I believe this and the Salahuddin figure I painted earlier are the first non sci-fi or fantasy figure models I've painted in my life. Its a nice change I must admit.
And I believe this will be the trend or state of my hobby from this point on. 

Cheers everyone and thanks for visiting. Appreciate it.  


  1. Nice work dude- now maybe you'll paint an army with some flesh in it lol....

    Deus Vult!

  2. Very Nice! These look like they are in FoW scale. Are they that small or is it 28 mm?

  3. Thanks guys. I just got the Dues Vult rulebook and will review it my next post.
    Quah- its 28mm from the Wargames Illustrated Moments in History range.