Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My lord Salahuddin

This model is from the Wargames Illustrated Moments in History collection. But I decided to base it individually without the Lionheart because I hope to use this to play Dues Vult one day.  I'm still in a hobby/painting rut at the moment and this model just called out to me.
Especially after my super duper bro got me 'Kingdom of Heaven : The Director's Cut' last week. You HAVE to watch it if you haven't! There is around 1-1.5 hours of footage that they didn't put in the actual movie and it adds so much to an already great movie. Go get it now and be surprised!!!
Painting this model after watching the movie was really fun. I've always been fascinated with the crusades era so this side project filled the painting rut very well. Next up, the Lionheart.


  1. Very very nice! Would have been nice to see a duel piece with Richard the Lionheart. Kingdom of Death was one of my all time fav movies. Then again, I love all medieval movies. =)

  2. I think someone's been thinking about Kingdom Death models here, and it's not Khairul.... ;)

    Nice work, dude. Now I'm wondering whether you're going to pick up Deus Vult rules...

    1. LOL ... I meant Kingdom of Heaven! ROFL

  3. There's a Director's Cut? 1-1.5 hours more??? Bought from Speedy?

  4. Great looking Salahuddin figure, he's looking fierce!

  5. Thanks guys :). Appreciate your comments.

    Phil, thanks for visiting. Your blog is awesome!

  6. Trivia, they guy playing the king of Jerusalem is Edward Norton of Fight Club