Sunday, March 11, 2012

Silver Skulls project is a GO!!!

I'm starting a Silver Skulls 1500 points army and setting myself a time frame of 10 weeks to complete it. This project actually started last Monday. My list will be :

HQ : Prognosticator (Chaplain in terminator armor)

Troops : Tactical squad A (10 men)
              Drop pod A

              Tactical squad B (10 men)
              Drop pod B

Elites : Assault terminators (6 men)

Fast Attack : Land speeder squadron (2)

Heavy Support : Devastator squad (10 men)
                          Land raider Crusader

37 infantry models and 5 vehicles (42 in total) in 10 weeks should be doable :) Let's see.

I decided to paint the first drop pod last week since i've never painted one before. And is the very same drop pod that i won from the Gameforge event hehe. I forgot to take daily progress pictures but i'll do that for next week. In the meantime, this is the my humble take on a Silver Skulls drop pod.

I've decided to build the 4th company and have green as the company color thus avoiding my unconscious preference for red :)

Nothing to shout about but one drop pod is completed and we're on schedule :)
Next up is a landspeeder....another model i've never built. Progress pics tomorrow.


  1. Good luck with the project bro! So after 10 weeks would be the Emperor's Children right? :)

  2. Nice job on the drop pod- looks fantastic! I stank the place up with my pathetic efforts- no orks completely finished!! :(

  3. Wow, nice! I think it looks classy.

  4. Last picture somehow reminds me of a new supercar engine. In other words, cool!

  5. You guys are sure all on full throttle hobby mode, man... 10 weeks for an army, WOW!

    ps: Why chaos don't have access to droppod, why??!!

  6. Thanks guys!!!

    Faizal - after this will be 1500 panzerspah kompanie which i had to put on hold then the EC.
    I'm hoping by that time the new codex and rulebook is out.

    Alvin - i wouldn't say classy but was going for old school look. After doing some research and listening to 40k seems the Skulls have been around since rouge trader days.
    That's the look i'm going for with this :)