Sunday, March 18, 2012

Silver Skulls land speeder completed

Completed my first land speeder and i must say i really enjoyed building this kit. The fit was quite good and i had a lot of fun painting it up. As with my skulls drop pod, i used a lot of black into the scheme in tribute to the classic Silver Skulls rhino which i saw in a very old SM codex....don't remember which edition. 
I wanted the scheme to look really retro/old style and went with simple block of silver and black. I'll share why i choose the Silver Skulls in another post. What i didn't realise was that they have been around for a long time in 40k lore. Am really happy i decided to paint this chapter.

This being my 3rd 40K army i'm experimenting with the weathered look. No clean models for this Wildhost version. I know i could have done more with this model but i just ran out of time and steam. A secret to good weathering, i believe, is knowing  when to stop.

I still need to put some flock on the base but otherwise i'm happy with the end look . Thanks to Jeff for the assault marine shoulder pads. And Dynath for designing the Silver Skulls shoulder pads. More on that in the next post :)

Tomorrow, we change from painting vehicles to some infantry the shape of 6 mean rough tough 1st company terminators.

As always i appreciate all comments. Cheers guys :)


  1. The Silver Skulls are one of my favorite armies and its great to see them getting some love! You've done a great paint job on this model and am looking forward to seeing the terminators.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! You've improved by leaps and bounds!
    You used to ask me for hobby advice, now i wanna do the same to you! Lovely work!

  3. Thank you so much guys :)
    Truly appreciate your kind words :)