Monday, March 12, 2012

Silver Skulls land speeder

Started on my land speeder tonite and spent most of it on masking. Its tedious work and reminded me of 3 colors camo scheme i used to do for WW2 fighter planes. In hindsight i shouldn't have assembled the whole kit to make airbrushing easier. Lesson learnt for the 2nd speeder i guess.

I used normal masking tape and tissue rolls. A tip from my aircraft modeling days. Just stuff the cockpit area with tissue until it covers all the internal area snugly. With careful airbrushing you'll manage to avoid over-spray from getting inside.
I used GW chainmail as the silver color for this vehicle. After some washing, the color will be toned downed and should fit the Skulls scheme nicely in my opinion. Didn't want to use boltgun because for large surfaces it'll make the model look dark esp after applying washes.
I painted on a layer of boltgun on the front metal bumper guard and that's all i managed tonite. The masking process really took a good portion of my limited hobby time. But i'm glad it's all done. I should be able to make better progress tomorrow nite. So stay tuned :)

Goodnite everyone.


  1. I would never have tought to use tissue rolls to mask. Nice tip. Makes sense! I usually just use scotch tape and plastic book covers.

  2. Your take on the SS painting theme is awesome! Keep up the great work!