Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gameforge Island of Fire tournament : we iszzzzz best paintedszz :)

That's right folks!!! The Lizardmen of the Wildhost cometh...and we conquereth!!!
Just the painting part of the competition though ;)

That's Rueben, the event organizer handing out my prize which was actually a shop voucher worth RM75.
And that's Doc selvam in the background, the generous and hensem sponsor for the painting prizes.

We also managed to tie for 3rd placing overall but missed out on more loot by victory points count. 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 lost was not a bad showing by the slow Initiative 1 Lizardmen. How i loved the expression on my opponents faces when i informed that my saurs scar vet would be hitting first on Initiative 10 from the gold sigil sword hehehe. Initiative 10!!! How is that/really/errr!!! Good laughs all around.

It was nice to have won the best painted army I must admit. All those nights spicing up the lizardmen was worth it in the end. It was even nicer because the best painted army was decided by players voting. So in essence i got the people's choice award. Warm fuzzy feeling being acknowledged by your peers and friends :)

I had a great time and played against some very fun and upstanding gentlemen. I forgot to take pics of my 3rd, 4th and 5th opponent coz i was on a 2 win record then and forgot all about it heheh. First round, would u believe it ...i met.....
And second round....

My last game against Kang and his chaos warriors was truly memorable. It was a story of 2 halves. Unfortunately he got the better of the 2nd half and TAed me. He was eventually the 3rd best. Thanks for the game man!!

Special thanks to Rueben and his crew for organizing the event. Gameforge Penang for hosting it. All my 5 opponents who were truly fun to play against. Special mention to Peter, my fourth round opponent, whose 3 winged horses didn't exactly look like they were flying....more like crashing to the ground hehehe. Shame on you man :P

Super duper kudos to Wood elf Lord Iqbal for winning the event. More of his exploits on the Legio site.

I leave you with Scar-Locke and his mighty warband who won the best painted honor for the Wildhost.
Truly you guys were from the blessed 7th spawning of the 7th spawning :)
 Cheers everyone :)


  1. congrats big man khairul!! 5555 btw the first picure, doc macam jealous je, hehe..

  2. Great job dude- a well deserved award!!!

  3. Well done man! Any pictures of the battles with your various opponents? Or pics of the 'crashing horses'? ;)

  4. Congrats man! Yeah, moar pictures of other armies plzzzz

  5. @Khairul...Yea Yea they were a little drunk. That's how u managed to sucker them to Charge yr Skar-dude. Initiative 10 S5 T5....That was a slimy move worthy of the Serpent God... Anyhow Congratz! on yr painting award!

  6. Thanks guys :)

    I had fun at the event. 500 points is just nice. Pace was quick and not many units to move.

    Getting the best painted was the icing on the cake. Felt very nice :)