Saturday, July 30, 2011

Squad Odyssues & Orpheus

As scheduled squad Odysseus and Orpheus are done. Can't believe i've finally finished my first troop squads :) Painting marines are fun!!!

Especially when its for a campaign project. These 2 squads will be accompanying Lord Sentikan, Chapter Master of the Angels Sanguine in the final battle for Ghemehaal this coming October. Yes, you heard it right guys....the Chapter Master himself has been tasked by the High Lords of Terra to take overall command of the imperial forces converging on Ghemehaal at this very moment.

Thanks to Jeff for the super cool suggestion :). And thanks for putting another project to my sanguine if i don't have enough already. I'll be using dante as the base for his stats but will make a special Sentikan model. You can be sure he won't be in all gold.

In the meantime, i have already painted 34 jump pack equipped angels sanguine....not bad huh :)

Unfortunately, due to the list changes that had to be made for the Ghemehaal campaign fluff, i still have a lot to do. But i'm a man with a plan ;)

And the plan was to paint up this baby ....

But because Chapter Master Sentikan will now be leading the force, the baal will not be featuring in the list.

Sometimes i think the forgemaster is discreetly trying to sabotage my progress. Case of point....tomorrow should be a full solid day of hobbying for me but instead i've been called to assist the salamanders chapter to clear a drifting hulk of orks infestation :)

Wooooohooooooooo!!!!! Am so looking forward to that!!!

I'll make a post on that tomorrow nite.

The emperor protects!!!! Ave legio!!! For sanguinus & ghemehaal!!!

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  1. Awesome progress dude- that MUST be satisfying to have so much done. :)