Friday, July 22, 2011

Assault marines are up

This pic is mostly for the benefit of my good bro, Ivan, whose currently way down under. Bro, that's the glass cleaner i use to thin down my paints for airbrushing. Jeff got it for me way back ago (maybe even late 2009) and i'm happy using them.
Am sure you can get an equivalent there. Of course getting the proper thinning solution from vallejo as suggested by him is way better.
I'm just a cheapskate. Its also anti-static so u won't get electrocuted while airbrushing :) huh. Safety first even when hobbying. Not sure if the vallejo thinner has that property....

All 15 are up. Next step is to get the decals on, wash, highlight. Then painting details. I'm hoping to get them finished by this weekend so that i can start on a new project next week.

I'm quite happy with how my bases have turned out. Most of my marines are based on only 1 foot so i'm expecting some to be broken off during gameplay. But i do like the look of them. Fits the jump infanrty theme well i think.

Still lots to do with the new change in my list. I'll update u on the changes as i update my blog. Wouldn't want to over-commit/slightly keeping it a secret hehehe.

Any more secret armies out there???

We'll u'll definitely see a spanking new angels sanguine and death korps pf kreigs army come October in the Legio Ghemehaal campaign. That Deathkorp guy is really keeping me on my toes...guy's a hobby/painting monster. Check his blog

Have a nice weekend everyone :)


  1. You're too kind dude! Great progress.

    Oh, and I don't think the Vallejo Thinner is anti-static, so you got me there! ;)

  2. Woo, laju nampak!! hehe.. suay2 krap!

  3. Many thanks mate. I got myself some Windex, Ammonia Free of course. So I don't know if that will make a lot of difference since yours come with Ammonia.

    What's the mixing ratio that you use with Vallejo paints? Paint:Glass Cleaner 1:1 or 2:1 or ?:?. I tried mixing, but nothing works. I also set my compressor at 20 psi when airbrushing. Something must be wrong.

    Anyways thanks again and keep up the good work mate. Cheers!

  4. Thanks guys :)

    @jeff- not only is it anti-static....its also anti-dust!!! So your painted models have +1 invul save against dust!!
    Yoowchhh :)

    @khun faizal- bro...u, jeff n me have got an unofficial tale of 3 gamers here. Really appreciate your support. Keep blogging bro!!!

    @ivan- i dont really have a ratio since its all just eyeballing...but if i had to give, i think it would be 1:3
    I like to make several coats of thin layers. It also doesn't clog the airbrush. U just need to have more control of the power of the airflow. 20psi is good. Sometimes i even go lower.
    Start with thin paints bro. Airbrush it n then add more if needed.