Saturday, July 16, 2011

20 assault marines on the wall

There's nothing quite like a campaign to get the hobby blood pumping again :)!!!

I've only ever participated in one campaign way back in 2009 and it was a truly awesome experience. Hats off to my fellow Legio officer Azlan for organizing it.

2 years later and the fight for Ghemehaal is drawing to an end (should the disorder win...again).
And so, Legio Malaysia will be organizing the second campaign in the Arenxis storyline this October which should be a hoot!!! We'll be basing our campaign on FOW's Firestorm system and had the basics worked out during hobby night yesterday.

Enter the 8th Company Angels Sanguine to liberate Arenxis from the foul forces of choas led by the diabolical Lord Mithras.

I had earlier built this 1750 Descent of Angels list to be played in our annual year end tourney but this campaign is an even better excuse to get them done up.
Seeing as the Firestorm system puts the germans, in our case the imperials, at a disadvantage from the get go, i'll have to tweek the list a bit.

What started as a 44 jump pack models list will be evolving in the coming weeks so please stay tuned.

That said .......

20 assault marines on the wall, 20 assault marines on the wall.
1 got fully painted and shipped to war, 19 assault marines on the wall :)

ps: i just love my new iwata HP-BP airbrush hehehehe


  1. FYI, Lord Minthras is deceased..
    Lord Eulikules is now controlling all the strings, or does he?..allying with the Alpha Legion certainly has its perks..

  2. Go Khairul!! I'm sure u can finish everything on time, with style :)

  3. Crank 'em out dude! As for Lord Minthras...? Well, I guess we'll see in October ;)

  4. Thanks guys. I'm hoping to finish this army was before october so i can add more elements for the campaign.