Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Assault marines progress

My new list now only has 20 assault marines. Since i've already painted 5 earlier i'm now painting up another 15 out of the actual balance of 20 in the previous post. All 15 have been painted on the main colors so tonite its about painting in the details like jump pack straps, joints, weapons etc. I primed them using astro grey and used vellejo's gory red for the uhhh red part. Both of these colors were airbrushed on so that saved a lot of time. The black was handpainted chaos black. I'll try posting progress of my army on a regular basis starting today so expect less babble and more pics from now. Am soooo psyched up for the ghemehaal campaign :)


  1. Nice! BTW, what's your secret when watering down the Vallejo colors for airbrushing? I can never seem to get the mixture correct. Thanks and cheers! Keep it up mate!.

  2. Not sure what he's using, but I picked up a big bottle of Vallejo Thinner and it's awesome :)

    Nice work dude! You're a machine!

  3. Thanks guys.

    @Ivan- i'm using first choice ammonia glass thinner. Works well for me although when u first drop the vj paint in they don't mix. You need to stir it. The secret i think is to start with a thin mixture and progress from there. Its just eyeballing for me man. Sorry, no science involved yet for me hehehe.

    @Jeff- i'm gonna try to post every nite when i make any progress big or small. Rehearsal when we finally decide to do our tale of gamers project. Any takers??? :)

  4. you really cranking up the assembly line bro! can't wait to see this army.