Sunday, August 4, 2013

HMS Temeraire

I present to you...HMS Temeraire in all her glory. May she sail safely and sink many enemy ships :)
And how would I recognize the beautiful Temeraire when she's on the table with all the other ships?? 
Why with a nice custom acrylic base of course :)
This has been a very nice change in subject for me. I really enjoyed building the Langton ship and rigging her up. And then yesterday my hensem brother got me this...
Going to be a good week ahead of reading after completing the Temeraire.
Thanks bro :). And thank you all for dropping by.


  1. You ser are a master craftsman! Very nicely done indeed. Isn't that the book of a similar movie starring Russel Crowe?

    By the way, may you, your brother and your respective families have a safe and happy Raya!

  2. Thanks man :). Yes, the movie was an adaptation of the book.

  3. That's really a first-rate job sir! How long was the entire process? Yes it's still intimidating. :)

    1. Thanks bro. I didn't actually take record of the time taken but I'd say around 5 days in total...on and off :)