Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pre Heresy Imperial Fist Legion Tactical Squad completed

Managed to get these guys done in time for the 1st Legio Malaysia Army Throwdown which was held last Friday 18th. There were 11 others who managed to get their first troops choice done and I must say it was really nice to see a good turnout for the first throwdown. 11 beautifully painted troop choices. I'm happy to announce that this squad pulled it through for me and got voted as best painted for the night :). That's one notch for the Wildhost's Fists!! For the emperor and dorn!!!

I was having trouble figuring out how to put the 7th legion markings on the right shoulder pads. I wanted to have roman numerals of VII but the GW decals were impossible to put on and wasn't the correct size. I tried having '7' but its just didn't look nice. Until during a discussion with Jeff, he suggested using Sigismund's Black Templar cross to denote that they were from the 1st Chapter....brilliant idea!! I had already decided that Sigismund would the the preator for this army build so it just fits with the fluff.

Here's the sergeant with the templar cross on his right shoulder pads. I painted the inside half white and half yellow to denote him as the sergeant. Of course the red plumes also helps to easily identify him.
Am quite happy with how the sergeant model turned out. Nothing super special but he looks the part.
The worst looking fist of all haha. My heartiest thank yous and appreciation to everyone who voted for my Imperial Fists. You guys are the best. Onwards to the next throwdown!! 

Breacher squad upfront and center!!! Death to the traitors!!!!!


  1. Very nice photos. The background really makes the minis pop out.

  2. Awesome yellow marines for the win! And congrats for the win dude!

    Yeah, VII is really a bitch to settle (I'm running "VIII", I feel you man), now, now, where can we find right sized/colored decal for numeric number...

  3. Outstanding work and Gratz on the win. These are my favorite out of all the models you've done so far. The idea of keeping the lenses black really suits these older marks of armour and I like the silver detailing aswel.

    So whats next?

  4. Well deserved win! I'll give you a run for your money next throwdown... ;)

  5. Thanks guys. Really appreciate it. Next up will be the breacher squad which I've already started. The trick is making those breacher shield without having to buy those nice but expensive ones from FW.
    WIP pics soon.
    Goh-good luck finding those. I think you're better of finding some relevant icons to replace it.
    Snake88-totally agree with the black lenses. Easier to paint to hahahah