Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Legio Malaysia's Golden Kris 2013

Feast yer eyes on this year's Golden Kris trophy!!

To commemorate Legio Malaysia's 5th anniversary my fellow Legio Officers and I decided that we wanted to have a special sculpt for all Golden Kris winner during this year's Birthday Bash. So we hired sculptor extraordinaire, Mr. Jarold Ng to make us a trophy to die for. And this is what he came up with. Super cool don't you agree :).

There will be 4 categories this year so that means there are 12 of these bad boys to give away; gold, silver and bronze in colors.
Of course, us Legio officers aren't allowed to complete in this year's Golden Kris for obvious reasons....sniff sniff sob soooobbbbbbb.....not saying I have a chance of winning it but even the bronze one would look really awesome on my work table.
I've held the real thing in my hands and i reaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy reaaallllyyyyy want one!!!!!!

Come drop by the next hobby night if you want to feel how heavy it is and more it fits snuggly and comfortably in your if it was always meant to preciousssssssssss.

Those who want one for keeps better start painting now. Judging this year will be extremely extreme so make sure you bring your very bestest.

My sincere thanks to Jeff, Alvin and Azlan for chipping in to get us this super handsome trophy.

Ave Legio!!!!

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  1. Sorry for hijack Khairul, would you mind PM me your contact in the forum so we can arrange a game on next week?