Monday, April 23, 2012

Dust Axis Light Walker 'Hans' completed

I had super fun painting up this light walker and am officially addicted to the Dust universe. Can’t wait to get my hands on the Dust Warfare rulebook. Although I’ve yet to play a single Dust Tactics game I am utterly in love with the alternate WW2 concept.

Before and after pics so you can see what i've done.
As mentioned in my last post, I decided to paint this walker in the Luftwaffe scheme of dark grey and dark green. I’m using the Vallejo model colors range for this project. The colors I used were: 868 Dark Seagrey and 979 German Camo Dark Green. I’m going for the mid war European theater paint scheme so my Axis units will have be having lots of greens.
The swastikas are from a decal sheet set I bought while based in Jakarta in 2001. 10 years and the sheet is still good and decals went on perfectly.  Just goes to show that some product will last the test of time.

When I first saw the model I knew I wanted to make it into an SS unit. So my Dust Axis force will be from the 3. SS-Panzer-Division Totenkopf . The Totenkopf skull decals are from the Flames of War SS decal sheet.  The SS were the elite units of the third reich and would logically be the first unit supplied with the walker  weapons platform. Plus, they’re just bad-assess!!! 

I weathered the model and gave it some paint chips but think I’ve overdone it a bit. What do you guys think?
Overall, I’m very happy with the model. Looks menacing esp with the swastika and Totenkopf logo logos.

Next up, the medium walker Ludwig :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aufklarungs platoon I completed

Completed this platoon last night. They were very nice to paint as in my opinion they were one of the third reich's distinctive units. You look at it and you just know its from the german heer. I will have 2 platoons of 9  motorbikes each. I forgot to paint another one for this platoon so i'll have to paint 10 bikes for the second platoon. So technically i guess this platoon isn't completed yet hehe.

Movement 16 inches with the ability to fire full ROF, that gives one platoon the ability to shoot 27 shots during each shooting phase. This should get rid of those pesky soviet hordes of forced patriotic troops. And 3rd edition has changed the save for motorbikes to 3+ :) Very nice indeed! This will give me survivability against any shooting. Unfortunately......from the look of things i'll most probably be facing russian hordes of tanks....ouchhhh. No worries. We'll still do it in style. And what's more stylish that motorbikes with MGs.
I'm continuing with my system of color coding so this platoon gets Red. I've found that doing this really helps when you field an infantry company like my previous american paras as it keeps track of how many bases are still available from each platoon on the table.

And i've rewarded myself for completing this platoon by applying the 2nd camo color to my Hans walker. Will be working specifically on it starting today to bring for Show n Tell this hobby night :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dust Axis "Hans" (Panzer Aufklarerlaufer I-C) Light Walker WIP

I've always been fascinated with the history of WW2 and sci-fi in general. So when i heard of Dust Tactics and saw the models available in the range i had no chance. I was sold!!

Although i'm currently painting up my panzerspah kompanie, i thought i'd reward myself for making some good progress on my aufklarungs platoon.
 I'm none to happy with the grey OOB color of the walker and will be going for the european theater camo scheme of grey and dark green as used by the Luftwaffe for their planes.
 Tune in to see my progress :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Silver Skulls terminators completed...kind of....

I completed these last week but was lazy to update my blog. You guys can relate to that i'm sure ;)
I'm not happy at all with the finished result but just couldn't find the motivation to get them done. 
Like i said there's a lot more i could've done esp on the shields but i just came up against a blank your suggestions are much appreciated. Though i will regard this as a finished project for the time being and will revisit it later. 
In the meantime, these are my 'completed' Silver Skulls assault terminators :)
One part i really want to change is the crux on the left shoulder pads. Not happy with the gold drybrushing effect. I think stone effect would be nicer. Next time i find inspiration to touch these models....

Unfortunately, my earlier target to get my 1500 points Silver Skulls force done in 10 weeks will have to be postponed. Slacker me huh....

The main reason being our FoW Bagration campaign starts in 5 weeks and i need that time to get my 1500 panzerspah kompanie done. Plus firestorm troops for the brave third reich army :)

But but....this new project just got handed to do i ever resist painting these awesome german walkers??? 
 Maybe i can use them as firestorm troops....seeing as we'll be facing hordes of soviet tanks.....nope. Gotta concentrate on those aufklarungs scouts!!