Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aufklarungs platoon I completed

Completed this platoon last night. They were very nice to paint as in my opinion they were one of the third reich's distinctive units. You look at it and you just know its from the german heer. I will have 2 platoons of 9  motorbikes each. I forgot to paint another one for this platoon so i'll have to paint 10 bikes for the second platoon. So technically i guess this platoon isn't completed yet hehe.

Movement 16 inches with the ability to fire full ROF, that gives one platoon the ability to shoot 27 shots during each shooting phase. This should get rid of those pesky soviet hordes of forced patriotic troops. And 3rd edition has changed the save for motorbikes to 3+ :) Very nice indeed! This will give me survivability against any shooting. Unfortunately......from the look of things i'll most probably be facing russian hordes of tanks....ouchhhh. No worries. We'll still do it in style. And what's more stylish that motorbikes with MGs.
I'm continuing with my system of color coding so this platoon gets Red. I've found that doing this really helps when you field an infantry company like my previous american paras as it keeps track of how many bases are still available from each platoon on the table.

And i've rewarded myself for completing this platoon by applying the 2nd camo color to my Hans walker. Will be working specifically on it starting today to bring for Show n Tell this hobby night :)


  1. Yeeha, Krads rule!
    Nice work, keep it up.

  2. Thanks for visiting man :)
    And thanks too for the kind words.
    Hope you'll enjoy d next post.

  3. Looks like the FOW campaign is going full swing.
    Sadly I miss it. I visited Vuel, Jeff, Syamael blogs and all of them are neck deep in FOW.

  4. Doc, i thought you were planning on playing with TJ? Thenn we can get your results linked up.
    And perhaps you guys can come down for the final day :)!!!
    I'll put any family bar-b on hold. So will the others ;)

  5. No la...I had to back off coz I am back at work.
    When is the final day?

  6. Tight! We've got some mojo going again!! :)