Saturday, April 14, 2012

Silver Skulls terminators completed...kind of....

I completed these last week but was lazy to update my blog. You guys can relate to that i'm sure ;)
I'm not happy at all with the finished result but just couldn't find the motivation to get them done. 
Like i said there's a lot more i could've done esp on the shields but i just came up against a blank your suggestions are much appreciated. Though i will regard this as a finished project for the time being and will revisit it later. 
In the meantime, these are my 'completed' Silver Skulls assault terminators :)
One part i really want to change is the crux on the left shoulder pads. Not happy with the gold drybrushing effect. I think stone effect would be nicer. Next time i find inspiration to touch these models....

Unfortunately, my earlier target to get my 1500 points Silver Skulls force done in 10 weeks will have to be postponed. Slacker me huh....

The main reason being our FoW Bagration campaign starts in 5 weeks and i need that time to get my 1500 panzerspah kompanie done. Plus firestorm troops for the brave third reich army :)

But but....this new project just got handed to do i ever resist painting these awesome german walkers??? 
 Maybe i can use them as firestorm troops....seeing as we'll be facing hordes of soviet tanks.....nope. Gotta concentrate on those aufklarungs scouts!!


  1. Khairul... must.. resist... must.. concentrate on one project at a time....

    Actually there is an edition of Dust Tactic comes with pre-painted army (but it cost an arm and a leg, if I remember correctly, it's collector edition, and very un-sporting for painter=p), I have a fren who live nearby and own a set (but sadly, he speak mandarin only...), if you guys plan to play this at legio (or somewhere else), I'll see whether I can get him to tag along^^ He is aching to find kaki to play.

  2. I will definately bring my germans to play intro game wth Jeff next hobby nite. Invite yr friend along keshe wo pun mingpai shuo huayi. Yidiar...

    1. I'm trying to figure out whether you mean "but you don't understand mandarin", or "but you also understand mandarin, abit".... It's so complicated, my brain hurtz.

      LOL... Will try to invite him to tag along with my next visit^^

  3. Just shooting of the hip here as I have no idea on how to improve your terminators' shield ... how about putting brigther metallic highlights i.e. chainmail + mithril silver, or pure mithril silver, or mithriil silver plus skull white, or a combination of all three to make it pop.

    This is just a thought from a noob. I am most likely way off base here because I have never painted a Silver Skulls before. But maybe it can get you thinking based on your experience ... you know get the old grey matter juices flowing. Already like them as they are anyway. =)

    Unfortunately 'wo tu pu mingpai ni men chiang ser mo'. I am a banana ... you know what I mean. heh heh

  4. Thanks for the suggestion 4EM :) Appreciate it.

    Got into a rut painting these models. So i decided to stop before i made it worse. I had actually painted the shields a coppery tone but didn't like it and re-painted/drybrushed with silver hues.

    Lesson for me....never force yourself to paint. The results will be bad...

  5. paint what you like, right?
    so, since you're in the mood..go paint up the Dust: Tactics models..

  6. Thanks bro :) Just what i from a good friend!!

    Will start painting the panzer kampflaufer II-b tomorrow :) hehehehe

  7. Thanks Linh :)
    Really appreciate u visiting my blog. How t u good friend?