Monday, April 16, 2012

Dust Axis "Hans" (Panzer Aufklarerlaufer I-C) Light Walker WIP

I've always been fascinated with the history of WW2 and sci-fi in general. So when i heard of Dust Tactics and saw the models available in the range i had no chance. I was sold!!

Although i'm currently painting up my panzerspah kompanie, i thought i'd reward myself for making some good progress on my aufklarungs platoon.
 I'm none to happy with the grey OOB color of the walker and will be going for the european theater camo scheme of grey and dark green as used by the Luftwaffe for their planes.
 Tune in to see my progress :)


  1. Dude, are you painting three different model types in the same time?

    Nice to see those bikers painted!

  2. Nice! When are we going to see this camo pattern?

  3. Your model airplane brings back memories! When I was a wee little lad, I tried to assemble and paint model airplanes ... it all ended it failure as I was trying to put them together with UHU glue and it all kept falling apart. I didn't even get to the stage where I could paint them. So much so that I gave up on the miniatures hobby totally ... till like 30+ years later.

    1. Hmmm ... come to think of it ... it was a Phantom F4. Whoa ... flashback. =)

  4. F-4 phantom...that was a really nice plane to build and paint. I've got arnd 5-6 big boxes of unassembled plane kits which probably will never get built hehe